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We are in the eye of the storm in terms of our road trip – it was a crazy drive out to Montana for Robby with stops in Pittsburgh, Chicago and Sioux Falls for Ragbrai. Now, we are at Robby’s parents’ house while we get some extra time with family and a little more time on the bike too (thanks Tammy and Rob, my amazing in-laws!) before we hit the road again for a very busy August! 

Will my new Bivo fit in my bottle cage? What cage fits the bottles the best? My Bivo doesn’t fit in my cage, what should I do?

We get these questions a lot and hope this article can provide some answers. Through our own testing and customer interaction, we’ve learned the perfect bottle cage is entirely based on personal preference. How tight you like the cage to hold your bottle, the material, and location on your frame vary. Generally, we have found side loading cages work well for small frames, and carbon/plastic cages will hold the bottle tighter than metal cages.

Last week, our town of Richmond, along with several other small towns across the state of Vermont, flooded to historic levels and devastated the communities, homes, businesses and farms. Vermont is such a special place; the community is something all Vermonters cherish and it has been amazing to see the volunteers across the state help with cleanup in all the towns effected by the flood. Robby and I were away last week and have been watching from afar with sadness for our town and state.

On July 17th we embark on what we have coined the Big Bivo Road Trip. We wrapped our personal car in a crazy Bivo water camouflage so you can spot us from a mile away, loaded it up with mostly bikes and bottles and saved a little room for us to cram ourselves into. We will be on the road for about five weeks and have a jammed packed itinerary that will put us from Massachusetts to Colorado and tons of places in between.
When we came up with the idea of Bivo, we felt fortunate to already by connected to so many cyclists through riding bikes ourselves and lots of friends who also like to ride bikes. Product design and development was part of our lives too – we owned a footwear design and development studio and making product was a passion. So, when Bivo popped into our heads, we had a product ideation and development process down. One of our first steps was setting up focus groups and customer surveys to get to the bottom of what cyclists would want out of a metal cycling bottle. Some of the answers surprised us (weight was less of an issue than we originally thought!) and others were things we predicted (how can you drink if you can’t squeeze?!).
Rachel Cohen is a friend from just down the road in Jericho, VT. She is a high school teacher and I'm certain every kid who ends up with her as a teacher is incredibly lucky.  Rachel loves spreading her passion for riding bikes by encouraging others around her, setting up crazy adventures, organizing The Ranger VT (such an awesome ride, add it to your ride list if you haven't done it!) and by working with kids outside of her teaching job through Vermont Youth Cycling. Rachel and her husband, Tyler, are about to take on The Memory Bike Adventure in the Dolomites next week and in preparation, they road 200 miles on Vermont's Route 100. She wrote a recap of the (very soggy) day, check it out below!

The idea of Bivo was born when we were living in Portland, OR and the first time we showed our brand to the world was at the Cross Crusade series when we sponsored a bike wash station. My dad did cyclocross in New England while I was finishing up my ski career and he and my mom even had a cyclocross course on their property for the Northampton and JAM riders of Western Massachusetts to practice on. Cross holds a huge spot in Bivo's foundation and we think that cyclocross is going to be making a comeback this fall. 

Hello! We’d thought we’d take some time today to outline the four different bottles in our line to help make your decision when selection which version easier! Read about the different features and the reason to pick each bottle!

The first weekend in June I got the chance to meet up with the folks from the RAR Finger Lakes Chapter. Together we led an awesome casual pace gravel ride in Ithaca. We then went to a gravel race the next day which was a first for many of those RAR members. I thought it would be a great time to highlight what RAR is and how they are helping the cycling industry improve and become a more inclusive space for all folks. 

Cycling has a cool way of creating community and friendships. When we first had the idea of Bivo, we came to do Rooted VT in what is now our hometown of Richmond. While walking up the stairs to the food area post-race, a fellow cyclist stopped us after seeing our Bivo hats and said “Hey!! I was your 100th follower on Instagram!” That fellow cyclist is now a good friend, Jody Wilson. We owe a lot to Jody – he is an amazing photographer who gives us so many photos for our social content and website, has connected us with a variety of shops and key people in the industry and supports us as we grow. This past April, Jody did The Traka, a 360 km ride through Spain. Read his recap and see some of the scenery of the ride below. Thanks, Jody, for being such an amazing human. 

The sun is out here in Vermont! And the town of Richmond is bustling with mountain bikers, gravel riders, trail runners and walkers enjoying the 40+ miles of single track trails out our front doors. I am feeling particularly grateful of the Richmond Mountain Trails lately as spring (and summer! it's warm!) has sprung in Vermont. The amount of green in this Green Mountain State is rather insane. Vermont is really putting on a good show right now. I love to ride bikes but I also really love to run and the river trail from town is my favorite spot at the moment. It’s full of ferns. HUGE ferns that have a wonderful smell and cushion the trail from outside noise.
The artist for this collection is Holly Tyler. I first connected with Holly 'the illustrator' through my design connections to Chicago and soon realized that her, her partner Preston and JP (a gorgeous poodle!!) are so connected to cycling and outdoor performance sports industry – it was the perfect match for Bivo. As an industry pro in the cycling world, and her dedication to running every day for the past several years (yep, YEARS!!) – we had to find a way to work together. I'm so excited to launch a limited series of triathlon-inspired bottles with her illustrations as we've been talking about this for a while now! Thanks for the amazing work Holly!!