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This past weekend, the Bivo crew headed out to the Minneapolis World Cup. We have attended World Cups in the past, but this was unlike anything we have witnessed. It had been over two decades since the United States hosted a Cross Country Ski World Cup, and the fans were buzzing with excitement. Our travels from Burlington, VT on Friday morning felt like a reunion as I felt like I knew half the airport. Our flight was delayed out of Burlington into Chicago and we were worried we’d miss our connection until our flight attendant announced with disbelief, “For those of you heading to Minneapolis, you will not miss your connection. I’m not sure what y’all are doing there, but over half of this plane is on the flight to Minneapolis, so they are going to wait for you.” Over half of that flight was joining the other 20,000+ fans from across the world to watch the races.
I'm not much into my own racing these days. With two young kids (one of whom doesn't like sleep and has a knack for getting sick every other week) and a growing business, maintaining any consistency in exercise is a bit of a shot in the dark. So when the team asked me to participate in the weekly Wednesday Night World's at Sleepy Hollow, our local nordic area, I was a bit apprehensive. 
We wouldn’t exactly call ourselves the most romantic people. And certainly not ones to go out of our way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But our daughter has my last name (Hamel) and her middle name is Robby’s mom’s maiden name, Hart. So, there is a little more love for hearts in our household than I could have anticipated. Now I find myself wanting to buy flowers for her for Valentine's Day, who would have thought?!

The artist for this series is Eliza Carver. Eliza is a designer, illustrator, and animator based in the Pacific Northwest. She was born and raised in Vermont and shaped into the person and artist she is today by the rolling hills, rugged trails, and vibrant small communities of the Northeast. Her process is centered around play as she explores her style through different mediums-digital, hand-carving linoprint, painting, and collage. Her work is rooted in the natural world where she spends most of her free time, exploring new trails on bikes and skis or floating rivers. Her lighthearted, loose lines focus on the importance of play in our daily lives and the way we feel when we get out of our heads and interact with our environment. 

There has been a lot of chatter in the news and social media this week about lead on insulated metal water bottles. I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about lead and other chemical testing we have done to ensure Bivo bottles provide you with a safe drinking experience and a safe manufacturing environment.

A few years back, Robby and I were in the thick of parenting chaos (still are with #2) with our little bottle-challenged daughter, Svea. She was on a mission to reject every bottle in sight. We had to test bottle after bottle and always hated the idea of feeding her out of plastic. We appreciate her stubbornness but damn, that was a stressful one! Thankfully, she finally gave in and went straight to a glass sippy cup that was a win for all of us.

Whelp, the cold weather has finally settled across the US as many of us winter lovers were anxiously awaiting true January conditions. Snow fell in Vermont and the team has been out for backcountry and Nordic sessions and we are all loving it. 

Let’s talk cage fit – it’s an important topic when it comes to safety on the bike. We did some serious 3D printing and modeling when we were developing the Bivo One. We became good friends with the team over at River City in Portland, OR, who were just a block away from our office at the time – we would go over and show them the shape, see how they interacted with their favorite cages at the shop, and go back to the office with some new ideas. We spent 18 months developing the Bivo One and cage fit was a huge piece of that. The whole River City crew are pretty tough (and reliable!) critics so having their feedback was awesome. They were the ones who turned us onto Arundel (still the Bivo team favs!).
We have been following the Tour de Ski quite closely (Charlotte from our team was actually there watching and I’m not sure about you, but I’m JEALOUS).  Ben Ogden got his first World Cup podium on Saturday. He was the third fastest man in the world (and he chooses to drink from a Bivo, just saying 😉). WILD.

What a year it has been, thanks to all of you! Running a small business is crazy hard but equally crazy fun and we are so happy to have you along with us for the ride. We are just closing out of third full year and wanted to share some highlights from 2023:

Snow has been falling in Richmond recently and the office morning runs have transitioned into skis at the local nordic center, Sleepy Hollow! As a recently retired member of the Middlebury nordic ski team and new member of the Bivo team, these group skis are helping me settle into my first winter skiing entirely for fun and my own joy! I’ve been shuffling around on nordic skis since I could walk, and growing up in Vermont instilled a deep love of snow and all winter activities in me that will last a lifetime. I know that a lot of the Bivo readers are big cyclists, so I figured that a blog with some skate skiing tips for cyclists could be a pretty good idea. I’m no expert, but I hope that with 8+ years of being coached by the best in the biz (thank you AJ and Sverre), I will have picked up a few essential tips that I can pass on to anyone looking to get into the sport!

What the hell is performance hydration? It’s a new thing, that we kind of created without even know we were doing it. We wanted to drink out of less plastic and make something that lasted longer. I hate the taste of plastic, and quite frankly, have always thought it if tasted bad, it couldn’t be good for us.