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The dirt caps are a well loved Bivo accessory, but sometimes people have questions on how to put on or take off their dirt cap from their bottle. This post shares our best tips on how to use dirt caps while out on your bike.
Florida photographer and environmental advocate Ben Hicks shares his passion for the outdoors, cycling, ocean and marine life, and how this has led him to bring multiple brands together to do good for the world.
Microplastics and nanoplastics are, unfortunately, all around us. We interviewed an expert on microplastics to get a sense of why they are bad for you and how to reduce your exposure to microplastics.
Welcome to our Founders' Series! Robby and I (with some pushing from our advisors) have decided to start writing about the things we face day to day. We will start with publishing them once a month and if you like them, we will do more frequent updates. Thanks so much for being here and I hope some of our journey will give you some laughs, ideas and a view into Bivo. 
We compiled a brief history and timeline of the cycling water bottle. While bike water bottles weren't common in the 1800's, they're widespread and popular today. Cyclists used to just drink wine on the bike and, early on, cyclists just used an IV bag as a bottle.
Welcome to the Bivo family, Capri! We are so excited to share our brand new bottle color, just in time for summer. Unlike any other bottle we've made so far, this one comes with a colorful nozzle to match its base!
As great as cycling is, it can also leave your body feeling tense and tight. Agnès shares 5 yoga poses and stretches for cyclists to rejuvenate after a ride, improve your performance and your flexibility.

For many of you, it's been hot for a while and it's only going to get hotter. So, we thought that some tips on how to stay hydrated this summer, especially while exercising in the heat would be helpful! We consulted a sports dietician to get the best advice to keep you all happy and healthy.

Ben is the Founder of The Small Monsters Project, a Non-Profit committed to reducing the stigma around mental health challenges and to provide education around head injuries. Ben talks about the joy cycling, and especially group rides, brings him every day.
Spring mountain biking is here. And everyone is talking about it. But sometimes we don't understand everything they're saying. So we compiled all the mountain bike terms and definitions you need to know to stay up to date this summer.
Whenever mountain biking friends want to come to Vermont, they ask about the Kingdom Trails. And rightly so. The KTA has built and maintains over 100+ miles of trails. But the KTA is not the only place in Vermont with destination-worthy mountain biking. Peggy shares suggestions of the best places to go mountain biking in Vermont for everyone from beginners to advanced riders.
We’re launching a new collab bike bottle with Vermont Mountain Bike Association (VMBA). VMBA has made mountain biking in Vermont what it is today, so we interviewed Adam Morse, director of a VMBA chapter Fellowship of the Wheel for his take on how VMBA and its chapters support the mountain biking community.