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When we set out to design the first Bivo bottle, we had the cyclist in mind. High flow, ease of cleaning and cage fit were frequent points of conversation. Early on, we got a lot of questions about how we possibly could think there was room for another metal bottle in the market. In our eyes, the hole was wide open and we were ready to go for it. But we had to focus on the cyclist and not get distracted.

I set out for my run on Monday afternoon to check out the network of trails that have been built right from the center of Bentonville. I wanted to start out by running by the Frank Lloyd Wright home and stumbled across the “Art Trail” about five minutes in. It took me right by the Frank Lloyd Wright house (I got to go inside and it was amazing) and that led me to a trail through an architectural display, Architecture at Home, then right to the entrance of the Crystal Bridges Art Museum.

When we came up with the idea of Bivo, we knew we had to be able to drink out of it with ease. We had tested other metal bottles out there and the other sports nozzles all chugged as air was pulled into the bottle so the water could come out. Neither Robby nor I liked that experience, and knew we needed to solve that problem first if were really going to make a bottle specifically for riding bikes.
Cleaning cleaning cleaning. Honestly, not my favorite thing to do. But when it’s made easier, I really appreciate it! When we came up with the idea for Bivo, we knew a lot of what the bottle would need. Flow rate was our first thought – how can we get water out quickly enough so you don’t lose a breath focusing on sucking in water (and getting rid of that precious air)?
New color day is here! We have been looking at our new Liquid Lime and Violet on our shelves in our office for the past couple months very excited to share them with you! Robby and I have been testing the new colors (we always like to test production batches before we launch to make sure everything is up to our standards!) and we had a couple Trios in the Lime and Violet at events this summer in Colorado. We had to start leaving them at home or hiding them behind displays because you wanted them right then and there. Well, today is the day! Check out our new Liquid Lime and Violet in our Trio, Trio Mini and One.
The leaves are changing and the crisp mornings have arrived here in Vermont. I never think when we are in the heart of summer that I will be ready for the winter. Funny saying that coming from a woman who loves snow and moved back to Vermont to be in it. Summers are special in Vermont. We missed a lot of it with our road trip this year but we still got lots of good river dips, farmers markets, trail runs and gravel rides. With fall colors on their way, Vermont is about to shine. And….now I’m ready for the snow to fly. We have been talking a lot with our daughter if we will alpine ski or Nordic ski more this year. Obviously, Nordic skiing will win out... 

Sam Noel came to work for Bivo at the tail end of his professional cyclocross career. His skills on the bike are remarkable and we take great joy at watching him show them off for special Instagram posts or as we try to chase him up hills on a mid-week ride. Sam is humble, but DAMN, is he good. He raced 5 World Championships (2017-20, 2022), so his advice shouldn’t be taken lightly! He wrote an article below about his transition to racing ‘cross with bottles, a change the industry has seen but many riders have yet to adopt. Sam has certainly taken his work ethic from riding bikes into helping us build Bivo – we feel very lucky to have him on our team.

Hello hello! We went to the Green Mountain Stage Race Crit over this Labor Day Weekend, and it was full of fast, fun racing. It was hot, sunny and humid and lucky for our kids, our tent was right at the park with the splash fountain and we think our daughter ran through that for at least 2.5 hours. One of the last people I talked to before I packed up the booth was a person from Montreal and he didn’t have his bike with him.
We are back in Vermont! Thanks to everyone for the support, cheers, emails, hellos and for helping us spread the word about Bivo during our Big Bivo Roadtrip! We continue to reflect on what we learned on the road. It was such a good experience to see you touch the bottles, ask questions and make decisions on which bottle to pick. This week, I wanted to focus on Raw versus Coated because that was a common discussion we had at events!

August has been a packed month of events and we are learning from all of you! We have been thinking about our bottles since 2019 so what may seem obvious to us by now is still new to many of you! Thanks for asking questions, sharing ideas, and pointing out important elements of the bottles to us!

This past week was a heavy hitter with Leadville 100Breck Epic and the 1st Annual Women’s Cycling Summit in conjunction with Breck Epic. 

We got to go on a group ride hosted by the Leadville 100 Podcast (they love Bivo too so asked us to join!) Hottie, the host of the podcast, announced before the ride began that his Bivo Trio "is his new best friend." We also met some amazing folks at Mosaic and Orange Seal and learned about some delicious new bars from a Phun Bar (they like to #fuelmorefun too!). 

Alright! We made it to Breckenridge after some fun adventures in Pittsburgh, Chicago, Sioux City, IA, Red Lodge, MT and Whitefish! We have seen lots of people along the way and it has been really fun to interact with so many of you - those of you who had never heard of us and those of you who have the OG bottles and haven't gone back since.