Bivo Bottles are Carbon Neutral
Bivo Bottles are Carbon Neutral

We wanted to drink out of less plastic

So, we set out to build a product that we could stand behind. We did this by scrutinizing every decision when it came to the materialization of our bottle. Cleanability, recyclability and durability were at the forefront of every decision.

To us, and we hope to you, this is more than a bottle … it is a chance to #sweatlessplastic.

Carbon neutral

We chose to offset our carbon emissions by contributing the Cleaner, Safer Water in Cambodia project via The Gold Standard. The project helps reduce emissions from wood burning stoves used to boil water, reduces hours devoted to the household for women and children, and helps protect the local forests by reducing wood needed for fuel. Additionally, this project manufactures these water filters in Cambodia. This provides jobs and strengthens the local economy. The workforce is made up of 47% women! For more, check out this video!

People, partners and community

To us, it is about the relationships we create and the trust that fosters creativity and collaboration. At Bivo, we seek out good people who passionately care about their work, their teams, their communities, the planet and we surround ourselves with them in whatever we do. We say be human.

We are setting aside a portion of our profits to create the Bivo Fund, which will be allocated to charities that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Stainless steel

A highly recyclable material, stainless steel is the resource that keeps on giving – it’s easily recyclable due to its simple composition of elements such as iron, carbon, chromium and nickel. This allows various scrap to be melted down and re-alloyed.

69% less plastic

While we couldn’t avoid all virgin plastic on the Bivo One (don’t worry, we are working on it!), we use 69% less plastic than a traditional 21 oz bike bottle. We are on a quest to reduce plastic; from our packaging to our bottle we scrutinized every detail to eliminate or reduce our plastic consumption.

Factories and suppliers

We work with factories and vendors we trust and that care for their employees. To all of us at Bivo THIS MATTERS. We pride ourselves in making sure transparency in manufacturing is something we can be proud of!

This approach to sourcing provides us with the right vendor relationships, new materials, innovative technology and aligned partners that when combined help Bivo and our communities thrive.

Bivo Bottles are Engineered to be Carbon Neutral

Our factory meets ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 standards and uses the BSCI system that helps companies gradually improve working conditions in their supply chain.

Easy cleaning = longer life

Our bottle, nozzle and straw are dishwasher safe to keep the mold out. In our surveys and interviews, most people replaced their bottles due to nasty mold build up. With Bivo, you will need fewer bottles to fuel you longer. Plus, we made our nozzle and straw removable for even easier cleaning. Read how here.

Food grade silicone

We know you don’t want your teeth to touch plastic (and we don’t either!), so we designed our nozzle to be silicone. Silicone is mostly made from sand, is non-toxic and doesn’t support microbial growth. If your silicone components get dirty, simply give them a cleaning and they will be good as new.

Recycled Packaging

We had three objectives with our packing. 1) Recycled materials (no plastic!) 2) Minimize waste. We measured each design and selected the one that used the smallest amount of material 3) Do not ship boxes inside of boxes! We are proud that our boxes were built to withstand shipping requirements and that you will not find us shipping your bottle in a box inside another box!