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Nordic skiing has a special place in my heart and always will. I was basically born into the sport and most of my strong memories as a child include two skinny skis under foot. When we moved back to Vermont, we had the pleasure of meeting Ben Ogden. Ben is a professional cross country ski racer who loves to have fun, make others laugh and is damn fast. Last season, he ended the World Cup circuit as the top U23 male skier in the entire world. That, my friends, is remarkable, and it's so fun to watch. Ben pops into the Bivo office to steal some peanut butter or bagels from Sam post workout and to add some laughs to the room. We feel lucky to know him, have him as a product tester and ultimately sponsor him this ski season. Check out his interview we did with him below and follow his adventures along on both his instagram account and his new YouTube Channel.

Sport was always such an important and large part of my childhood. From the time I can remember, I was chasing my older sister and her friends around through the woods, thinking it was so cool that I got to participate even though I was younger. Cross country skiing was our family sport, and it was a unique one for me to grow up in because boys and girls always were treated the same. We didn’t have a “boys” team and a “girls” team. 
Robby and Mark have been hard at work creating a guide to pick the best bottle for you! We have heard that it is sometimes hard to know which bottle does what when visiting our site and this new page is an attempt to make that easier. Some of you in the high heat areas make me laugh at events when you find out we have both non-insulated and insulated models when you comment “why would you even want one without insulation?!” 
Back by popular demand! Last year we kicked off our holiday bundle gift pack idea and today is the day to get yours for this holiday season! Get them for yourself, give one away or outfit your friend’s new bike with two new Bivo bottles! Beyond the bike, we have had some great comments about how you are all using your Bivo bottles:

The artists for this series is Latasha Greene. She is an incredible artist based out of Denver CO. I came across her feed a couple years ago after she did a piece called Outdoors for All, for Merrell. Latasha is using her platform to spread diversity in the outdoors, as well as showing the beauty of nature! We are so stoked to be working with her and showing off her awesome art on our bottles. Thanks for all you are doing, Latasha!

When we set out to design the first Bivo bottle, we had the cyclist in mind. High flow, ease of cleaning and cage fit were frequent points of conversation. Early on, we got a lot of questions about how we possibly could think there was room for another metal bottle in the market. In our eyes, the hole was wide open and we were ready to go for it. But we had to focus on the cyclist and not get distracted.

I set out for my run on Monday afternoon to check out the network of trails that have been built right from the center of Bentonville. I wanted to start out by running by the Frank Lloyd Wright home and stumbled across the “Art Trail” about five minutes in. It took me right by the Frank Lloyd Wright house (I got to go inside and it was amazing) and that led me to a trail through an architectural display, Architecture at Home, then right to the entrance of the Crystal Bridges Art Museum.

When we came up with the idea of Bivo, we knew we had to be able to drink out of it with ease. We had tested other metal bottles out there and the other sports nozzles all chugged as air was pulled into the bottle so the water could come out. Neither Robby nor I liked that experience, and knew we needed to solve that problem first if were really going to make a bottle specifically for riding bikes.
Cleaning cleaning cleaning. Honestly, not my favorite thing to do. But when it’s made easier, I really appreciate it! When we came up with the idea for Bivo, we knew a lot of what the bottle would need. Flow rate was our first thought – how can we get water out quickly enough so you don’t lose a breath focusing on sucking in water (and getting rid of that precious air)?
New color day is here! We have been looking at our new Liquid Lime and Violet on our shelves in our office for the past couple months very excited to share them with you! Robby and I have been testing the new colors (we always like to test production batches before we launch to make sure everything is up to our standards!) and we had a couple Trios in the Lime and Violet at events this summer in Colorado. We had to start leaving them at home or hiding them behind displays because you wanted them right then and there. Well, today is the day! Check out our new Liquid Lime and Violet in our Trio, Trio Mini and One.
The leaves are changing and the crisp mornings have arrived here in Vermont. I never think when we are in the heart of summer that I will be ready for the winter. Funny saying that coming from a woman who loves snow and moved back to Vermont to be in it. Summers are special in Vermont. We missed a lot of it with our road trip this year but we still got lots of good river dips, farmers markets, trail runs and gravel rides. With fall colors on their way, Vermont is about to shine. And….now I’m ready for the snow to fly. We have been talking a lot with our daughter if we will alpine ski or Nordic ski more this year. Obviously, Nordic skiing will win out... 

Sam Noel came to work for Bivo at the tail end of his professional cyclocross career. His skills on the bike are remarkable and we take great joy at watching him show them off for special Instagram posts or as we try to chase him up hills on a mid-week ride. Sam is humble, but DAMN, is he good. He raced 5 World Championships (2017-20, 2022), so his advice shouldn’t be taken lightly! He wrote an article below about his transition to racing ‘cross with bottles, a change the industry has seen but many riders have yet to adopt. Sam has certainly taken his work ethic from riding bikes into helping us build Bivo – we feel very lucky to have him on our team.