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Cycling photographer Gretchen Powers shares her experience photographing the riders for the Unbound gravel race in Emporia, KS.
We designed our bottles to be easily cleanable. So here's a guide on how to quickly remove, clean and reinstall the o-ring on your insulated Bivo bottle.

Last summer, huge swaths of the United States were covered by smoke billowing down from Canadian wildfires. Images of New York City in an orange haze were apocalyptic, and air quality alerts were rampant, urging the young, old, and those with respiratory problems to stay inside. But did those air quality alerts apply to us — healthy cyclists with big lung capacities? We are like letter carriers, with neither rain, sleet, hail nor snow keeping us from training. But should we heed air quality alerts?

Ever dreamed of a paid road trip across the USA? Sounds amazing, right? Well, it is! But let me share the full story—the ups and downs, the challenges, and the incredible moments. Hey there, I’m Jaab Veskijkul, Bivo’s Event and Field Service Coordinator. Over the past few months, I’ve been on a whirlwind adventure.
If we hadn't trusted our gut, we might not have started Bivo. While some people thought our idea for a metal cycling bottle would never take off, we trusted our gut, knowing we had an idea for something unique that had big potential.
The Executive Director of Local Motion shares a success this cycling and pedestrian advocacy group had installing a new crosswalk in the town of Lyndon, Vermont, promoting safety and economic stimulation for the town.
We received a big shipment of brand new Bivo cycling bottles this week! Our whole team worked together to unload all the boxes and it took a few hours, but we eventually got all boxes of water bottles organized and ready to send to all of you!
Bivo ambassador Gabriela Hydle shares her story how learning mountain bike skills at a Colorado Mountain Bike Association clinic inspired biking confidence and led her to start her own non-profit for teaching kids to ride in Spanish.
The crew from Out of Collective came up to Richmond to check out the Richmond mountain trails and ride bikes with the Bivo team.
Warming up for and cooling down from rides is often the 'boring stuff' that gets pushed aside. Vermont strength trainer Kate shares the best warm ups and cool downs for cyclists with easy videos you can follow along.
The dirt caps are a well loved Bivo accessory, but sometimes people have questions on how to put on or take off their dirt cap from their bottle. This post shares our best tips on how to use dirt caps while out on your bike.
Florida photographer and environmental advocate Ben Hicks shares his passion for the outdoors, cycling, ocean and marine life, and how this has led him to bring multiple brands together to do good for the world.