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Since Bivo is an innovative new hydration option for cyclists, we know it's important that you feel confident about your purchase. Check out these links below to learn what others have to say about their Bivo bottles.

Bivo Water Bottle Review: The Bidon Rebooted

Matthew Kadey from Bike Gear Database goes into some serious detail of why he has made the switch to Bivo bottles. Find out his favorite features!

April 30, 2024

Meet the Woman Disrupting the Cycling Water Bottle Industry, One Stainless Steel Bike Bottle at a Time

Read more about our co-founder, Carina Hamel, and our efforts to reduce waste in the cycling industry in Bicycling's article on Bivo.

Oct. 11, 2023

Bivo vs. CamelBak: who makes the best insulated water bottle?

Escape Collective did a deep dive into Bivo and Camelbak stainless steel cycling bottles. Spoiler alert: Bivo was their pick.

Sept. 7, 2023

Bivo Trio insulated water bottle brings the heat


A bottle that's not just more sustainable but one that's easier to drink from as well.


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Fastest Flow Rate

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Bivo stainless steel cycling water bottles: details and ride impressions


Bivo Brand Launches... Stainless Steel Bike Bottle

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Bivo Launches Stainless Steel Bike Bottle

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