We are Bivo

We are an active group of skiers, cyclists, moms, runners, dads and designers that love to continually push ourselves … simply for the joy of it. Together, we share a healthy thirst for better ideas and are fueled by the community we thrive in.

"We simply wanted to start drinking out of less plastic."

Carina & Robby, Founders of Bivo 

Couple in office engineering stainless steel cycling bottles
Stainless steel cycling bottle pouring with gravity flow system
Female cyclist riding on gravel road with stainless steel cycling bottle with tactile silicone exterior
Cleaning tasting stainless steel cycling bottle being filled up outside with water
Stainless steel cycling bottle on bike
Three women smiling and having fun after cycling adventure

Fueled by fun

We believe there is a smile in every adventure, no matter how far the journey. 

We seek to honor the smiles in the effort. To us, the joy that comes from a run or ride whether around the block or around the mountain keeps us moving forward. At Bivo we will always celebrate the smiles, the tears, and the effort because those are the emotions that keep us going.

Team Bivo

Making a difference, drop by drop.

Our goal was to drink out of less plastic, and to keep our planet healthy by caring deeply about the impact of raw materials on humans and humanity. We scrutinized every decision when it came to the materialization of our bottle and have offset our impact to be completely carbon neutral. We look forward to fueling your next adventures for many years to come. 


Fun fact - Steel is infinitely recyclable and doesn't degrade through the recycling process.