• sweat less plastic.

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Who is Bivo exactly?

We're an active team of runners, cyclists, skiers, and designers who continually push ourselves simply for the joy of it and share a healthy thirst for better ideas. 

Bivo’s quest to elevate performance bottles through functional design fuels our everyday pursuits. 

We are excited to share Bivo with the world in Spring 2020!
Stay tuned on instagram @drinkbivo

Join the ride (or run).

We are endurance enthusiasts with a love of the outdoors. You can tell that we'll go to a lot of effort to find the cleanest water sources. We are also product people that have spent our careers bringing concepts to reality.

Bivo is the culmination of many long brainstorms and a shared passion to find smarter product solutions for the activities we love. #quenchresponsibly

Carina Hamel & Robby Ringer –– Founders of Bivo

Aren't water bottles given away?

Why should anyone consider buying a bivo when so many are given out to riders?

We think it's for that reason exactly; less plastic in the first place.

Metal is so Loud.

Doesn't metal rattle on a bike? 

We're disrupting this stigma by introducing smarter, healthier materials where it matters most – to riders' health and sanity while in the saddle.

Go with the flow.

But I can't squeeze it, correct?

Engineered by a team that understands fluid dynamics, we've designed for a better flow rate so that refueling can keep up with your body and your endorphins; all in a lightweight metal bottle.