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Inside the Bivo Lab: Cage Fit

Let’s talk cage fit – it’s an important topic when it comes to safety on the bike. We did some serious 3D printing and modeling when we were developing the Bivo One. We became good friends with the team over at River City Bicycles in Portland, OR, who were just a block away from our office at the time – we would go over and show them the shape, see how the bottles interacted with their favorite cages at the shop, and go back to the office with some new ideas. We spent 18 months developing the Bivo One and cage fit was a huge piece of that. The whole River City crew are pretty tough (and reliable!) critics so having their feedback was awesome. They were the ones who turned us onto Arundel (still the Bivo team favs!).

We believe in continuous testing and improvement and it’s not a surprise we have riders who put some serious miles on their bikes as ambassadors and product testers. Ben Frederick is one of them and he, like many of our other ambassadors, has certainly put Bivo bottles to the test! Ben just ejected his first Bivo bottle - after  800 hours (holy shit, btw, that’s a lot of hours!) on the bike in the last year. Check out his latest reel he posted to get the story.

A little more about Ben, because he certainly deserves the shout out! Recently featured in Bicycling Magazine as the "Rider of the Year," Ben is more than just a rider – he's a positive force in the cycling community. In 2016, he faced a life changing event when a crash led to a traumatic brain injury. Turning adversity into advocacy, Ben is on a mission to raise awareness for mental health issues linked to brain trauma through his inspiring non-profit, The Small Monsters Project. Read the full article on Ben in Bicycling here.

Wondering about more specifics around cage fit? Check out our cage fit blog here.

Wondering which cage Ben uses? It’s the Ritchey WCS Carbon Water Bottle Cages and he loves them. Good thing to note: Ben uses both Raw and Coated bottles. Any questions? Comment below! 

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January 11, 2024

Hi Robert – we do! Check out the Trio Mini (17 oz). We created it specifically for mountain biking because of the aggressive frame geometry and smaller area to hold water bottles. Depending on how much space you have, you could check out the Wolftooth B Rad system that helps mount the water bottle cage lower on your frame. Hope that helps!

Childs robert d

Childs robert d

January 11, 2024

The bivo i have is insulated but too tall. It hits into my shock. Do you have a shorter insulated bottle or know of a cage that is lower?

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