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Cage Fit with Your Bivo Bottle

by Sam Noel 

Will my new Bivo fit in my bottle cage? What cage fits the bottles the best? My Bivo doesn’t fit in my cage, what should I do?

We get these questions a lot and hope this article can provide some answers. Through our own testing and customer interaction, we’ve learned the perfect bottle cage is entirely based on personal preference. How tight you like the cage to hold your bottle, the material, and location on your frame vary. Generally, we have found side loading cages work well for small frames, and carbon/plastic cages will hold the bottle tighter than metal cages.

Here are some answers to common questions asked by customers and a cage fit guide we created to aid your decision and set your expectations.

Does each Bivo model have a different fit among cages? No, we designed our bottles to have identical tapered bottoms across all models intentionally to avoid this issue. All our bottles will have the same fit and the tapered bottom makes sliding it into the cage easier and more effortless.

Difference between RAW and Silicone bottles in cages? RAW bottles tend to slide in and out of cages easier. The silicone coat adds more grip to the bottle. In terms of scratching, be sure to keep them as mud free as possible to reduce scratching. If you like to ride in the rain and are concerned about scratching, we suggest using the RAW stainless bottles. The silicone tends to scratch more in the grimy conditions. 

Why does the bottle come with cage bolts? Most standard bike cage bolts are a little taller and could result in scratching when removing the bottle from the cage. The bolts that we give you are a lower profile design and therefore help to eliminate the chance of scratching from bolts. 

Cage Fit Guide:

We understand this only covers a select few cages, but we hope it will help give you a general idea of some good options.

A few things to remember: 

- Generally, we have found side loading cages work well for small frames, and carbon/plastic cages will hold the bottle tighter than metal cages.

- Snug fit cages tend to work better for people who like a super secure bottle and are ok with the bottle being harder to get in and out. This works well for rough and bumpy riding conditions. 

- Relaxed fit cages are like by people riding less bumpy conditions and who prioritize ease of getting the bottles in/out of the cage. A word of caution - relaxed fit cages can have issues over bumps. 

Relaxed Fit:

Medium Fit:

Snug Fit:

Return Policy:

We accept returns for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of the purchase date. In order to be eligible for return, products must be in an unused condition with their original packaging intact. If the bottle isn’t compatible with your cage, as long as the bottle remains unused we accept returns. Please email us at thirsty@drinkbivo.com letting us know what cage you are using to begin the return process.

As always, we are open to feedback. If you have a suggestion for a cage to add, drop us a note in the comments or email us at thirsty@drinkbivo.com!

3 Responses

Darcy Sanford

Darcy Sanford

August 01, 2023

Is it possible to buy replacement seals that are embedded in the lid?



August 01, 2023

3T Carbon cage works well, snug fit, and sometimes requires a slight bit of a twist while using the Trio Mini. The application is gravel.

BTW, on a different bike, the Silca TI can start to sag if used under the down tube (different gravel bike) with the Trio 21 oz (weight & vibration?). A gentle push upwards and it is tight once more. Will be interesting to see if it was just loose from the factory or just not a great location for that kind of cage.

Andrew Bike Guide

Andrew Bike Guide

August 01, 2023

I disagree with the Wolftooth Titanium rating unless it only applies to the raw version (I have two of those) of the cage as the Cerakote (purple ovs!! – I have three of them) is definitely a Medium if not a Snug fit.

For reference I am also using the coloured Bivos rather than raw Bivos.

The fit in a Elite Cannibal (the best side loading cage available and ambi dextrous ie loads from either side) is Medium in the Resin version and Snug in the Carbon version

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