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Does a Bivo Trio fit on small bike frames? Yes, yes it does!

Cheers to cold water and fun rides!


A lot of women have been asking us if the new Bivo Trio will fit in their bike frames. When we started designing our first insulated bottle, we wanted to make sure all riders could fit their bottle on their frame. After all, I ride an extra small frame and I wanted to be able to use it on my bike! It wasn't easy but after several design and engineering tweaks, we got there. 

The new Bivo Trio is 10.23 inches high and fits on an extra small gravel frame on both the down and seat tubes. Admittedly, the down tube is quite tight so if you want two Trios on one bike or prefer the downtube location, a side loading cage is the best option (stay tuned for a blog in the next few weeks on our favorite cages for Bivo!). 

Cheers to cold water and fun rides!

Carina (co-founder of Bivo)


Bivo Trio

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