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Let's talk cleaning. Easy cleaning!

Nothing but clean taste. #drinkbivo

When we first came up with the idea of Bivo, we did a series of focus groups and surveys with cyclists to find their biggest pain points with cycling bottles. Thanks to you early supporters for giving us some great insight! Among the top complaints were taste and cleanability. We know all too well how easy it is to leave a bottle full of sports-drink sitting in your bottle for a few days (uuummmm weeks...).
How is your Bivo different? We designed the body of our bottles to be dishwasher safe. We also made rounded edges and engineered our food grade silicone nozzle and straw to be fully removable for easy cleaning! Check out the video below to see Robby demonstrate how easy the nozzle is to pop out of our lid. 
As our good friend Joy at Skratch Labs commented, one of the reasons why she loves our bottles is that she can have a science experiment inside and then just throw them in the dishwasher for pure, clean taste again! 

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