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Introducing Custom

Welcome to custom! One aspect of Bivo that we truly love is getting to connect and form relationships with amazing people and companies through our work. Creating beautiful custom bottles with great partners is a perfect example. #fuelmorefun


Bivo Custom


Today, we are thrilled to announce our custom program is off the ground and we are looking for other great partners that want to stand with us as we create healthier performance solutions.

If you are interested, please contact us at thirsty@drinkbivo.com and check out the details below:

- Laser etching, screen printing, multi-colors

- Lead times begin at one month

- MOQ's start at 300 units

- Limited space available

- Please reach out for pricing


Fuel More Fun - Team Bivo

2 Responses

Carina Hamel

Carina Hamel

October 13, 2023

Hi Michael, I’m so glad to hear you like our bottles! I passed your message along to Izzy who is in charge of our custom program. She will be reaching out via email. Thanks! Carina

Michael Browne

Michael Browne

October 13, 2023


I’m interested in learning more about your custom bottle program — we LOVE your stainless bottles and would like to know what doing a custom design for a Ride with GPS promotion would look like — pricing, colors, lead-times, artwork (size, file type, creative application, etc). Do you mind sharing some details with us please?

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