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CX Fever - Maghalie Rochette x Bivo

We know cross season is a ways away, but THE FEVER is really starting to spread. This past week, we spent time at The Sea Otter Classic where we finally got to meet Maghalie Rochette in person. Her enthusiasm for life, not just cycling, is contagious and her energy lifts the people around her. 

Launching the CX Fever bottle at Sea Otter this past weekend. 

Maghalie talks about the CX Fever, something that has been burning inside her for quite some time. Together, we want to keep that fever spreading and we are excited to announce a collaboration bottle with Maghalie representing her CX Fever. About cross, Maghalie explains,

For me, “Fever” is a way to describe a really strong feeling. It’s more than a love or a passion for something. When I think about carving turns in the grass and attacking on the pedals at the exit of the turn, or riding through a muddy rut on my cyclocross bike, there is something that suddenly consumes my body. I instantly start smiling, I feel something in my belly…that’s the fever. 
Anyone who has been at a cyclocross event will understand this. There is something special about 'cross that is kind of intoxicating, but difficult to pinpoint. By being there, you are part of an eclectic community that shares a strong passion for this weird, yet beautiful sport. It’s kind of addictive. 
The best thing about the CX Fever? It’s contagious! 
The mud, the cold, the dust, the rain, the snow. The variable conditions and variety of courses make cross a very special and unique sport. We came up with the idea of Bivo when we lived in Portland, OR, a huge cyclocross hub. We were welcomed with open arms by the cross community when we started spreading the word about our idea at the Cross Crusade series there and we will be forever grateful. We have the fever, and we hope you do too!  
Check out the bottle here.

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