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Welcome to the family, Trio Mini!

We have this saying in the product world that you must be careful not to create a product for yourself. The last thing you all need is a bottle designed by one of us without us stopping to think about all the incredible feedback and thoughts you have shared. 

Regardless of knowing this, no matter how many times we go through the design process we constantly have to pull ourselves away from this tunnel vision and listen and ask others (all you amazing Bivo fans!) what you all want from Bivo.

Take the launch of the OG Trio, our first insulated bottle we launched last year. We were shocked at how many of you were thirsty for cold water on the bike and you made that very clear in helping us sell out of the product multiple times (you rock!). After this happened we had this huge realization that cyclists truly hadn’t been able to experience cold water on the bike. Yes, there are plastic insulated bottles out there, but they do not compare to what a metal vacuum insulated bottle can do for your H2O. Many of you reached out shocked to have ice cubes in your bottle after hours of riding in the brutal heat waves of last summer. This made us smile!

Fast forward to today, we are launching our new Trio Mini to help more people across more types of biking have that same great ice-cold drinking experience. The Trio Mini was designed for smaller bike frames, bikes with aggressive bike geometry (hello MTB’ers!), or simply because you like the smaller size (we personally love the proportions and how it feels in our hand).


Trio Mini

Here is a fun customer story from Jessica Hirschhorn that was one piece of feedback that helped us land on the Trio Mini as the next product to focus on.

This past fall Jessica wrote in and said about the Trio,

"The search for a truly insulated, non plastic, bottle cage fitting, easy to use bottle is OVER. This one is a winner. Very light, super vacuum insulation, easy to clean. Keeps cold drinks super cold all day. I ride a small frame, and my only regret is that it does not come in a smaller size for my second, limited space bottle cage. A winner. Highly recommended."

When we saw Jessica’s review, we smiled and knew the Trio Mini was the right path to be chasing. Upon receiving our first samples, we sent one to Jessica to test out on her bike and make sure we were not crazy.

Jessica, out riding with the Trio Mini.

We checked in with her earlier this week to see how she’s liking her bottle and she promptly emailed back saying her current status was on the bike, with her Trio and Trio Mini in tow. She ended saying iced cold ALL DAY.

The new Trio Mini is now available in the Light Blue (super limited quantities so get yours fast!). Be on the lookout for more colors dropping later this summer!

We love hearing what you have to say and what you want from us, so keep the feedback coming! Happy spring and happy riding!

Cheers - Team Bivo

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