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Bivo 101

Hello Hello!

Event season is upon us and it has been so incredibly fun to get out in front of the cycling community and see you interact with our bottles. We are constantly learning and recognize that elements of our bottle that are inherent to us might not be so obvious to you. 



SO, we wanted to provide you with some Bivo 101s:

💧 Our nozzle opens and closes like other sport nozzles. Pull up and push down to open and close. Don’t forget to close it before putting them in your bag (or before flipping your bike upside down to fix your flat). Check out how here! 

💧The nozzle and straw are made from food grade silicone and are completely removable for easy cleaning. Check out our cleaning video to see how!

💧 Bivo bottles are dishwasher safe – even our Trio and Trio Mini (insulated)!

💧 When the nozzle is open, you can tip and pour or suck – whichever method you prefer!

💧 The Bivo One and Duo are single wall, not insulated. Our Trio bottles are insulated and keep water cold for 12+ hours.

💧 We offer dust caps (now in blue and orange!) and you can see how to install them here.

Thanks! We hope you are getting out on some good adventures this spring! 


The Bivo Crew

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