Bottle Fit! Heights & A New Template to Measure!

Hello hello! We went to the Green Mountain Stage Race Crit over this Labor Day Weekend, and it was full of fast, fun racing. It was hot, sunny and humid and lucky for our kids, our tent was right at the park with the splash fountain and we think our daughter ran through that for at least 2.5 hours.

One of the last people I talked to before I packed up the booth was a person from Montreal and he didn’t have his bike with him. He wanted an insulated bottle but couldn’t pick between the Trio and the Trio Mini. The reason why he would have picked the Trio Mini was because he wasn’t sure if the Trio would fit on his frame. He wanted the extra ounces of the Trio, if possible. I promised him that THIS WEEK I was going to write a blog about bottle height with a template to use to see if each bottle will fit on your frame. I didn’t catch your name, but here it is, our northern neighbor!

You can download and print this file to cut out the silhouette of the bottle you are looking at to see if it will fit on your bike: LINK HERE

If you’d prefer to measure without printing, the bottle heights are all listed on the product pages and I’m listing them below here for easy reference:

Bottle heights: 

One (21 oz, single wall):8.38" tall

Duo (25 oz, single wall): 9.63" tall

Trio Mini (17 oz, insulated): 8.66" tall

Trio (21 oz, insulated): 10.23" tall

For tighter spaces, we recommend trying a side-loading cage, which has become popular amongst mountain bikers with the more aggressive geometry. Check out this blog for cage fit and some recommendations on relaxed to snug fit. For side loading cages, we recommend the Bontrager Side Loading cage. Maghalie Rochette likes the Canyon Side Loading Cage. Sasha, who heads up our sales, like the Specialized Side Loading Cage.

Thanks! Have a great weekend!

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