17 oz Insulated Bivo Trio Mini

21 oz Insulated Bivo Trio

21 oz Non-Insulated Bivo One

25 oz Non-Insulated Bivo Duo

Bivo Collaborations

Meet the collection!

One, Duo, Trio, GO!

What is the difference between all your bottles you say?!

This week, our team created videos outlining the different features and benefits of each of our bottles. Check them out below to learn about the differences between the One, Duo and Trio.



Product Intro #1: The Bivo One (with co-founder Carina Hamel) 


Product Intro #2: The Bivo Duo (with co-founder Robby Ringer)


Product Intro #3: The Bivo Trio (with WS Manager Izzy Johnson)

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