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Join us in watching the Nordic World Cup!

Each year as the ski season hits, we get super excited to watch nordic skiing. Growing up, we could only dream of a time when we'd be able to watch the US team compete with Norway and Sweden. Now, we avoid social media at all costs on race day so it doesn't spoil the surprise of a win or a podium finish for the US team. 

This weekend the men and women are racing in Beitostolen, Norway (Beito as they call it) for a classic double-header and mixed team relay tomorrow. Beito can be an absolute wonderland and the spirit of winter in Norway is unmatched by any country we have ever been to. While many of you probably think skate skiing is the coolest, Carina would like you all to know that classic is best so she's particularly excited about this weekend. 
So how do you watch, you ask? For the first time for the full season there is an announcer who can get you up to speed on the different athletes and some of the tactics behind their race strategies. It has been a really fun start to the season and we hope the team can feel our cheers from afar. Check it out on Ski and Snowboard Live and we hope you yell with joy into the TV like we do. 
One more thing. This year, the men and women are racing equal distances in EVERY world cup race. Pretty cool, huh?
Heia heia heia hup hup hup!! 

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January 04, 2023

After years of the US women’s team gaining international respect, now the US men’s team is starting to inch up the standings. Many thanks to the women to show men that a lifetime sport like nordic skiing can be a great alternative to ball sports.
And a note for Carina, with few exceptions the Juniors I’ve been coaching all come to agree that Classic is best!

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