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The new 25oz Bivo Duo

The new Big(ger) 25oz Bivo Duo

After months of design, engineering, and testing we are thrilled to be launching the Bivo Duo. 25oz of thirst quenching capacity for longer rides or simply thirstier folks.

Limited early release, go Big(ger) or go ... well you get it. 


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Bivo Duo

Fun fact - We had no idea how much more water people would drink when we created the first truly high-flow sport nozzle capable of delivering a smooth, consistent, and enjoyable drinking experience. It turns out a lot of people wanted more precious H2O! Here is the Big(ger) solution!

 Bivo Duo Raw

Meet the newest addition to smarter, healthier performance.

A couple key features we know you'll love ...

Same great flow, more H2O! 

Better flow by design. We designed the Bivo Duo to use the exact same lid as our flagship Bivo One. What does this mean? It means you get 25oz of thirst quenching capacity with our methodically developed gravity technology for an unmatched flow rate without the need to squeeze. The result is a smooth, consistent and enjoyable drinking experience we know you'll love.

Clean Taste

It tastes like water, that's it. From selecting high quality stainless steel, to food grade silicone, to ensuring you can disassemble and clean your bottle with ease, we designed our bottle so you never have to experience the taste of plastic or mold again.

Universal cage fit

Fit for all. We know it is important for your bottle to stay in the cage over bumps, potholes, and rough roads. Yet, it is also important to be able to get your bottle out with ease. We looked at most major bottle cages when we designed our bottle's shape. If you have a universal cage, we are confident that our bottle will fit comfortably and stay put.

Less rattle. More roll

Get a grip. Whether it is a long grind through a washboarded gravel road or the next hit on your mountain bike we designed Bivo's silicone exterior coating to keep your bottle in your hand, in your cage, and quiet enough to hear the birds.

Making a difference, drop by drop

Serious fun, less waste. Our goal was to drink out of less plastic, and keep our planet healthy by caring deeply about the impact of raw materials on humans and humanity. We scrutinized every decision when it came to the materialization of our bottle and have offset our impact to be completely carbon neutral. Read more about our impact and transparency here.

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