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Angharad Porteous

Ambassador Series: Angharad Porteous

The Ambassador Series is a collection of conversations with members of the Bivo Ambassador Team. Our hope is that in sharing each of their stories, we can provide a little glimpse into their passion and dedication, not only for cycling but also for the greater community it thrives within.
At a fundamental level ambassador teams are meant to help drive sales, foster community, and promote awareness of a brand. There is no question, our team of incredible people do this for Bivo. Many are avid cyclists, part of their local cycling communities, and advocates for sustainability. Together they help Bivo become known to the world. However, first and foremost, they are great people that we have connected with over shared beliefs.

Meet Angharad Porteous (@angharadporteous)! She has been a dear friend since well before Bivo was even a dream and jumped on board to test our bottles from day one. We have spent many days chasing her up the trails on a bike, running through Forest Park in Portland, and cross country skiing together. As a friend, she is as good as they come and always up for any adventure. As a cyclist, she is an inspiration and a true advocate for the sport.


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Bivo: How did you get into cycling?

Angharad: I’ve ridden a bike for as long as I can remember. I grew up in Northumberland, UK, where there are so many country roads and bridle paths criss-crossing the countryside. As a kid, I was forever exploring new areas by bike around our house.

Bivo: What is your favorite thing to do on a bike?

Angharad: I’m a very competitive person and I find there’s no greater thrill than going head-to-head with other cyclists in a race. The exhilaration of lining up for a sprint finish at the end of a 50+ mile road or gravel race is what I live for!

Bivo: Do you have a favorite cycling discipline?

Angharad: I’ve been enjoying gravel and MTB riding more and more these days. Being away from cars is peace of mind, and the technical aspect of riding provides a fun new challenge. It’s great to combine both skill development and fitness training into one experience.


Bivo Angharad


Bivo: Has there been a cycling highlight for you from the past year? 

Angharad: Just over a year ago, I cycled with two friends from Portland to San Francisco. We needed a challenge given all the racing was cancelled in 2020. So we planned a big ride—over 800 miles, in 8 days, down the coast of Oregon and California. Through this ride, we also raised $15K for a charity called  P:ear  in Portland that provides job training for the homeless. 

Bivo: How did you first hear about Bivo and why did it interest you?

AngharadThe Bivo founders, Robby and Carina, were my neighbors when I first moved to Portland. We were friends from Day 1!

I’ve been testing Bivo bottles from the very beginning. Bivo’s mission to reduce our environmental impact by using less plastic, while advocating for an active, healthy lifestyle, strongly resonates with me. Before using Bivo bottles, I was throwing away my plastic cycling bottles about every 6 months because of the moldy taste they develop!

I’ve really enjoyed providing product feedback to the Bivo team. As an ambassador, I took my job very seriously and tested Bivo bottles on multiple bikes and in all weather conditions. It was fun to be part of the product development process and to see the vision come to life in a viable product.


Angharad Bivo


Bivo: Why do you strive to reduce plastic in your life?

Angharad: Cycling in beautiful places, I’m conscious that we need to look after our surroundings for future generations to come. From my perspective, every little bit helps—taking a bike rather than a car, substituting plastic products for alternative materials that are longer lasting, and striving to just use LESS in general.

Bivo: Gender inequality in sports has been getting the long-overdue attention it deserves. How have you witnessed the world of cycling change?

Angharad: While there’s still a long road ahead of us to reach a level playing field, from my point of view there are encouraging signs from the professional level, to the grassroots level. 

Even just recently, it was thrilling to see Marianne Vos head up a star-studded women’s field at the opening Cyclocross World Cup and steal the headlines. Looking ahead to next year, I’m excited to watch the Tour de France Femmes. 

At a grassroots level, I attended the  Ladies’ All Ride MTB camps this summer at Flathead Lake Lodge led by Lindsay Richter. These camps are designed for all levels of riders to develop their skills, ride, and have fun together. We had some participants who had never even ridden a mountain bike before! The atmosphere was infectious and it was fun to be part of a community supporting and lifting each other up. I’m looking forward to taking this energy forward and encouraging more ladies to try biking and provide a helping hand.


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