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Bivo One vs. Bivo One Raw

Which one is right for you?

People often ask us ... should I go with the silicone coated Bivo One, or the brushed stainless steel Bivo One Raw? Our short answer is, "you can't go wrong with either". Both bottles feature the same great Gravity Flow system, clean-water taste, and universal cage fit.

But just in case you need a little more guidance, here are a few more tips ...


Bivo One

Add some color with the Bivo One.  

 - Perfect for use in a bottle cage (silicone coating dampens any rattle)
 - Silicone exterior stays grippy even when your mitts get sweaty
- Inevitable nicks and scratches in the coating are like scars and scars are totally sick
- Choose from a variety of bottle colors to kit-out your whole look
Bivo One Raw

Let's talk Bivo One Raw!  #steelisreal


- Stainless steel finish goes great with any frame color, kit, or hip pack

- Looks oh so, au naturale

- Perfect for use in a hip pack or sleeve (brushed steel finish slides in and out of bottle sleeves like a dream)

- Mix up cap colors to match your daily mood and/or vibe

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