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The Bivo Pledge

Ditch Plastic, Forever.

Sign the Bivo Pledge and commit to never purchasing another plastic sport bottle. By committing to this pledge you’re not only standing together with people and the planet, but we’ll double our contribution to the Bivo Fund for all purchases made by customers and retail partners who commit to the pledge. That means instead of donating 1% of each sale, we’ll donate 2% to bike and water focused non-profit organizations.


The Bivo Pledge

Why are we doing this?

The cycling industry—and cyclists—are dominated by plastic bottles that are often looked at as disposable. Not only do plastic bottles attract mold and leach chemicals, they are not easily recyclable and are harmful to the planet. We have a solution with our current bottle, the Bivo One, and we believe that together we can start addressing this issue.


The Bivo Pledge

Why is the Bivo One better?

A bunch of reasons, but primarily because it is made from infinitely recyclable stainless steel, contains 69% less plastic than a traditional 21oz bottle, it’s carbon neutral through offsets, it’s designed to last, and it exceeds the FDA and REACH (European) standards for product safety. Additionally, we vet all of our supply chain partners to make sure they are acting in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. 


The Bivo Pledge

Our Commitment, to the world. The Bivo Pledge Our CommitmentsOur Pledge Partners

The brands and retailers that we have joined forces with to stop the sales of plastic cycling bottles.

The Bivo Pledge Partners

The Bivo Pledge

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