Why are we doing this?

The cycling and sport industries are dominated by plastic bottles that are often looked at as disposable. Not only do plastic bottles attract mold and leach chemicals, they are not easily recyclable and are harmful to the planet.


The pledge commitments:

Our partners and customers that sign the pledge agree to never purchase or sell another plastic sport bottle. By committing to this pledge, they stand together for people and the planet.


Our commitment

Our pledge partners

The brands and retailers that we have joined forces with to stop the sales of plastic cycling bottles.

A sample of Bivo customers who have pledged:

Jody, Ontario ∙ Scott, Virginia ∙ Gene, Missouri ∙ Mike, Ontario ∙ Joseph, California ∙ Timothy, Colorado ∙ Angharad, Oregon ∙ Tammy, Montana ∙ Tony, New Jersey ∙ Emma, Washington ∙ Danny, Oregon ∙ Emily, Massachusetts ∙ Renee, Oregon ∙ Mitch, Hawaii ∙ Elizabeth, Massachusetts ∙ Nick, New York ∙ Dan, Vermont ∙ Jason, Texas ∙ Synthea, California ∙ Sandy, Vermont ∙ Jacqueline, Vermont

How are Bivo bottles better anyway?

A great question and one we have dedicated a lot of time, energy and research to ensure we can deliver a bottle that is truly a better solution for people and the planet.

In a nutshell, our bottle was built to last longer, taste better, be safer, and to create impact. Check out our deep dive into the details below!


Sonya Looney is a world champion professional athlete, mindset and mental skills coach and runs the popular podcast, The Sonya Looney Show. I had the pleasure of speaking with Sonya on her show and had an absolute blast. She has a genuine approach to interviewing her guests and guides the conversations seamlessly. When I started talking with Sonya, we both thought it would be really cool to make a bottle together. So, I'm pleased to introduce the Sonya Looney F*cking Magical bottle! 

Back in 2019, on a cross country ski on Mt Hood, the idea of a non-plastic cycling bottle was born. We had this big realization that we consumed water out of plastic in all the sports and activities we loved. Cycling, in particular, jumped out as having a huge problem waiting to be tackled. We are product geeks at heart and from that moment forward we jumped straight into the world of bottles. WOW, did we have a lot to learn!
When we first came up with the idea of Bivo, we lived in Portland, OR. One of our good friends there, Angharad (we call her Ang for short), inspired us by her endless adventures and love for all types of riding.