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2021 Rooted Vermont

Rooted Vermont: A fast and fun affair

From July 30 to August 1, 2021 hundreds of gravel-riding enthusiasts gathered around Richmond, Vermont for a festival that after it’s inaugural year in 2019 (the 2020 event was cancelled due to Covid-19) became an instant success and an instant must-ride race. Rooted Vermont is more than a race, though. It’s an experience, a collection of panels and speakers, and a community celebration.


Bivo Rooted

Bivo Rooted Angharad

Bivo Rooted

One of our team riders, Angharad Porteous, flew in from Oregon to experience Rooted. Here’s what she had to say:

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of flying East to ride in "Rooted, Vermont" and represent Team Bivo. This was my first trip outside of Oregon in nearly 12 months and first time to the green, lush state of Vermont. After months of heatwaves and wildfire smoke in the West, it was a welcome relief to experience some wet and chilly conditions in the Green Mountains. I stayed in Richmond for four days to take advantage of all of the Rooted festivities—including a couple of "shakeout" rides, the pre-race party, event expo, Women's Racer Forum, and then the race itself.

The Women's forum was an inspiring and informative event that included hearing perspectives on racing and balancing it all from Burton exec, Elysa Walk, and current US road national champion, Lauren Stephens.

One of the shakeout rides included a tour of the opening and closing miles of the race course with the race hosts themselves, Ted and Laura King.  

The race itself was a fast and fun affair. Aside from a couple of miles on the Class IV roads which were pretty rocky and muddy (though I did ride the entire section!), it was smooth hard packed gravel that was very beginner friendly (note: I recommend gravel thrill seekers come to Oregon to see some really gnarly gravel). The rolling elevation made the race very dynamic and fun, and the views were stunning from start to finish - picturesque barns, mountain vistas and the Huntington Gorge. Aid stations were well stocked and I enjoyed freshly made pancakes and maple syrup, bacon and cheese toasties en route! The race ended with free Maple Creemees - after 80 miles and over 5 hours in the saddle - I deserved it! 

I had the opportunity to test some protype 25 oz (larger) Bivo bottles and they served me well for the demands of the race and were envied by many. Great to see so many other racers sporting the Bivo One and committing to reducing their plastic use! 

- Angharad Porteous (Bivo Ambassador)

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