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Thanks for a great year and for helping us #fuelmorefun

The year is coming to an end and we wanted to send a note to say a BIG thank you! 

We just closed out our second full year in business and we have to say, it’s fun to be part of this community! Thank you for the shares, cheers, hellos, photos and support. We are young and still small, but through your word of mouth, we are growing and we appreciate you spreading Bivo love! When we came up with the idea of Bivo, we thought it was a really cool product idea. Never did we imagine that we could love being part of the events, friendships, community and rides the way we do. 

Looking back on 2022, we have had some incredible moments. From kicking off our event season next to an ACDC cover band at Rasputitsa to growing our team here in VT, we have had some serious fun. Not going to lie – we have had our fair share of curve balls and running a growing business is hard. But, just like we love pushing ourselves up the hills, we love pushing the limits in our work. 

We can’t list them all, but some of our favorite moments this year include: 

 - Relaxing at The Ranger in Tunbridge, VT. There is no ride that has matched this vibe. Seriously, check it out someday. The hills are LARGE but the whole weekend was magical. Bonus feature – such a good family event. 

- Selling out of our Trios not once, twice but three times! We knew you wanted cold water but wow, we didn’t see that one coming! 

- Slip ‘n slide at Rooted. And having SO many of our friends visit our hometown in one glorious weekend. Rooted, you will be missed but we support you 100%! 

- Having James Huang from CyclingTips tell us AGAIN that Bivo bottles are his favorite!  

- Giving 15,000+ people their first experience of drinking out of Bivo. 

- Raising over $6,000 for our 2022 Bivo Fund. Be on the lookout for an announcement of who that is going to! 

Now, it’s time to look forward. Cheers to 2023, we think it’s going to be a good one! And we are so happy to have you on this ride with us. 


Carina & Robby


Here are some 2022 photos that truly capture the fun!

Bivo Thank You

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