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Izzy's Mix Ups!

Hi friends, Izzy here from Bivo.

As you can see with our new color mix up series, I love colors!  The brighter the better. I think that mixing and matching your bottle base and lids makes a long training ride so much more fun. Especially right now in Vermont we are having a bit of a warm weather spell, with grey sky’s and rain. A bit of color mixed in makes this time of year a lot more happy. Some of my favorite combinations have been, yellow lid, emerald bottle, a watermelon look which was our fire lid with green bottle base, as well as our raw bottle with an emerald lid. There are so many color combinations possible. Be sure to write in a combination you think would be great, and maybe you will be featured! Happy riding friends! 🌈


Izzy's Mix Ups

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Ed Hamel

Ed Hamel

January 18, 2023

You go Izzy

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