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Our Favorite Moments, 2023

What a year it has been, thanks to all of you! Running a small business is crazy hard but equally crazy fun and we are so happy to have you along with us for the ride. We are just closing out our third full year and wanted to share some highlights from 2023:

Meeting you! Our Big Bivo Road Trip was a blast and it got us out to meet so many of you from Iowa to Colorado to Vermont and Texas. Thanks for saying hello, watching us do LOTS of pour demos and recommending your friends pop by our tent. 

Our first Bivo run– we love to ride bikes but we also love to run. Sharing our love of running right out our door was super fun and we plan to do lots more in 2024! Stay tuned if you're in the Richmond, VT area!

This highlight in Bicycling Magazine about Bivo changing the water bottle market. Thanks Molly Hurford! Performance Hydration is a new category and we are excited to be defining it with a splash! 

Your cheers and word of mouth support. Seriously, you are all amazing and we appreciate you. You have told your friends and made them jealous of your Bivo :)  Thanks for doing that, it really makes a huge difference!

Seth Godin saying he loves our bottles and doing a collab with us. Read his blog post about Bivo here, and check out his bottle!!

Going international! We are now in Australia, Belgium, Spain, Japan and Taiwan. We are so glad we can get to some of you abroad and be on the lookout for more in 2024! 

- Team Bivo

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January 02, 2024

I stopped by the booth at El Tour de Tucson to give a verbal thumbs up. I needed a replacement top for a bottle gifted to me, and let the folks at El Tour know what great customer service you’ve got going on.

Gerry Stephenson

Gerry Stephenson

January 02, 2024

I am enjoying my BiVo bottles and look forward to all my rides planned in 2024. Now all I need is your new larger bottles for the loooong rides, you know the 27/28 OZ ones, in black.

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