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Recap: Title Nine Outdoor Pitchfest 

Last week, I went to pitch Bivo at Title Nine’s Outdoor Pitchfest and it was an incredibly inspiring few days. We gathered to celebrate female led businesses from across the country. Almost every single Title Nine employee I spoke with told me that Pitchfest is their favorite day of the entire year.   

Flow As One

It’s clear from my two days with them that Title Nine likes to fuel more fun. The two-day kick off started with a spur of the moment made-up game by founder Missy Park. And the afternoon consisted of orienteering in Tilden Park in Berkley. Each marker was paired with either a question or a video request, two of which required us to sing a song as a team. We laughed. We ran. We pushed each other. We bushwhacked through poison oak up steep embankments. And we bonded. And I want to support every single woman who participated. They are awesome and inspiring and look at business from a perspective I can relate to. In all honesty, I have never met strangers where I have felt so connected to them the way I already do. Thank you, Title Nine, for creating such a magical two days. 


In honor of Title Nine's Outdoor Pitchfest, we designed a #womensupportingwomen bottle that we will donate $5 of each sale towards National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting victims of domestic abuse. Going on pre-order for delivery in November.


Thanks for the cheers and support!

Carina Hamel (Bivo co-founder)

PS - I won! Keep a look-out for Bivo in Title Nine stores!


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