Bivo One - 21 oz

Bivo One Raw - 21 oz

Bivo Duo - 25 oz

Bivo Duo Raw - 25 oz

Gravity Flow Lids

Our Design Story

Better flow by design.


Design is what allows us to think and act smarter on behalf of the world we live in.  

Color me rad. Spring is early!

We had so much fun with the limited early launch of the Bivo Duo that we decided to #fuelmorefun by launching our new fun spring colors early on pre-order*! ⁠

 *Pre-orders expected to ship mid January, 2022


Bivo Duo True Blue

A #blueful thirst for life. It is with pure joy that we get to introduce the newest color to Bivo. Meet True Blue, now available for pre-order in the 25oz Bivo Duo.



 Bivo Duo Emerald

 Color doesn’t just select itself. It takes research, analysis, confidence and a sense of artful intuition to bring our products to the lips of the world.



Bivo Duo Raspberry

Everybody likes a good raspberry. Not taking ourselves seriously is serious business. #funkyforward