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21 oz Insulated Bivo Trio

21 oz Non-Insulated Bivo One

25 oz Non-Insulated Bivo Duo

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New spring colors are in!

We are excited to introduce three new colors for the Bivo spring collection. Welcome True BlueEmerald, and Raspberry! 

All colors available in the 21oz Bivo One and the 25oz Bivo Duo.

Bivo True Blue

A #blueful thirst for life. Meet True Blue 💙, now in-stock in both the 21oz Bivo One and the new 25oz Bivo Duo. Get thirsty!


Bivo Emerald

Get your hands on Emerald 💚, one of our favorite spring colors. #colormerad⁠

 Shop Emerald


Bivo Raspberry


Meet Raspberry ♥️, we think it's berry nice! #berrynice

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