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Artist Series: Latasha Greene

Welcome to the Bivo Artist Series: Monstera
The Bivo Artist Series is a collection of bottles featuring femme, trans, female and non-binary artists. In creating this collection, we are seeking to find underrepresented cyclists who have a knack for really cool design. Because we love art and cycling, we want to blend them together by using our bottles as a canvas.


The artist for this series is Latasha GreeneShe is an artist based out of Denver CO who loves combining outdoors, plants and art. I came across her feed a couple years ago after she did a piece called Outdoors For All, for Merrell. Latasha is using her platform to spread diversity in the outdoors, as well as showing the beauty of nature! We are so stoked to be working with her and showing off her awesome art on our bottles. Thanks for all you are doing, Latasha! 

- Izzy Johnson 

What was the first thing you recall making/drawing/creating that made you think you wanted art/design to be part of your life?

There was never just one thing I made that sparked my love for art. It’s always been a natural calling. As a child I was drawn to creative activities like cooking, sewing and drawing. I was lucky enough to have a family that supported that calling.

What is the most exciting way that cycling and art have come together in your life?

I was able to design a mural for the professional bike racer Payson McElveen. It was such a cool experience to be able to attend a huge gravel race in Arkansas and see my work as a tour bus in that buzzing environment.

Bus mural designed by Latasha for Payson McElveen

Tell us about your connection to cycling. Why is it a big part of your lifestyle?

I’ve been a commuter by bike for my entire adult life. I rode a fixed gear bike for almost 10 years before I recently got a six speed.  I’m no hard core athlete or anything but I love riding my bike around the city and seeing the world from that perspective.

How has art surprised you? What visual memory gets triggered when you think of Art?

It’s been surprise after surprise the places my artwork can take me. I’ve been all over the country teaching watercolor classes and taking in the world with your paintbrush. I couldn’t dream of a better life. 

Where are your bucket list runs or rides and why?

I don’t have any of those but if I had to think of one right now I would want to run the Grand Canyon rim to rim. It seems like it would be the most beautiful place to see from that perspective.


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