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All About Flow!

August has been a packed month of events and we are learning from all of you! We have been thinking about our bottles since 2019 so what may seem obvious to us by now is still new to many of you! Thanks for asking questions, sharing ideas, and pointing out important elements of the bottles to us!

We were so happy to hear from many of you that you had seen Bivo online but were “excited to finally see these in person!”  You picked them up, felt the silicone coating, felt the weight (to your delight, they are lighter than you expected!) and smiled when Robby or I (or our daughter, Svea!) did the pour demo for you. So, how does the bottle pour, you ask?!

It’s gravity! You open and close our nozzle like any other sport bottle and simply tip and pour. We have created a vent system that allows air into the bottom of the bottle. That equalizes the pressure inside and allows for the bottle to pour out quickly and easily.  Please note the straw is not for drinking out of, it’s for venting the air. So, if you try to drink out of the straw and it doesn’t work, it’s because it’s not intended for drinking! Also, the straw and nozzle are food grade silicone, a material we selected because it’s inert and dishwasher safe!

Pour pour pour, all photos by Jody Wilson

Why is flow important? We knew if Bivo bottles didn't flow as well as or better than plastic, you wouldn't adopt it! Nobody wants to work hard to get their water out because you're already working hard enough on your bike! Some benefits include: 

+ Easy drinking - it turns out, you drink more water while drinking out of a Bivo than other bottle. (that's why we made the Bivo Duo!) 

+ No Air - There is no air in the stream of water, so you’re just drinking whatever liquid you put inside, that’s it! 

+ Sharing - You can easily share the contents of the bottle, either by pouring into another vessel or right into a mouth (human or dog!) 

+ No Squeeze - It's amazing how nice this is, especially when your hands are tired after a long decent! 

Quick tip: while the bottle does pour from all directions, it’s fastest when you pour with the “b” up. The nozzle has a Bivo “b” shape to it, and if it’s upright, it pours best. But don’t worry, while we are riding, we don’t pay attention to the orientation, we just drink with a light suck to regulate the flow! For help explaining, I am putting a picture below.

Photo of the purple bottle above is by Jody Wilson. Angharad (far right) is demonstrating how we drink out of the bottle - on and off the bike! 


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