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Winter Adventures!

It's February! We know it's not for everybody, but we love winter. And, we all know that nordic skiing is the best way to enjoy the snow (says Carina). This one in Vermont has been a little less white than we'd like but we still have been getting out for some great adventures. Believe it or not, nobody in our office is a big fan of the trainer so we have been sticking outside this winter.


Some recent fun adventures include: 
Some of our crazy friends have gotten into cold water dipping. They are trying to convince some of us to join but Carina is too chicken and Izzy doesn't have a good excuse. You should probably make some bets as to who makes the plunge first! Our friend, Helen, has started dipping at Lake Iroquois 4 days/week and says her circulation is better and her favorite stat about the research is that people who cold water dip take 30% fewer sick days than non-dippers. Helen added,  "cold water dipping is best with company" as a subtle hint to get us out there ;) We have loved following @redhotchillydippers this winter, so check them out! Are you into this too? Send us all the reasons why you love it! 
Izzy and a group of friends hiked up Camel's Hump this past weekend and took sleds down the narrow, rocky, steep trails. It may have been a long climb up but it was a fun and fast descent that brought lots of smiles (and screams). 
Sam has been jumping in the Wednesday Night Worlds at Sleepy Hollow - a 5 km race under the lights in Huntington, VT. The coolest part? After the racing is over, a potluck begins and people stay to eat dinner all together. 
Finally, an important announcement for this weekNordic World Ski Championships start today (Thursday). Make sure to watch on Ski and Snowboard Live and cheer the racers on! We would tell you results but we are holding out to watch tonight so we don't know yet!
*pictured above with cold-dipping Helen are Tim Burgher and Donna Ewald. You may, just may, get the Bivo crew out there with you some day soon. 

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