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Warm Beverages in a Bivo?

Apple cider is pretty damn good. Warm apple cider is even better. Especially when you get it fresh from local apple orchards in Vermont. It’s amazing the things you get reintroduced to when you have young kids. I’ve had more apple cider and hot chocolate over the last 5 years since my daughter was born than I have had combined since I was in middle school and I’m pretty happy about it.

We have a warning on our bottles and on our website that says they aren’t intended for hot water. Why? Well, we have a super high flow rate and drinking hot liquids at that rate could lead to burns. Another reason is that if you put boiling hot water into our bottles with the Gravity Flow lid, pressure can build up inside and when the nozzle gets opened with so much pressure, some of that hot water could squirt up, leading to serious injuries. 

But, let’s be real – we put warm, not hot, liquids in our Trios all the time. And we know you do too. It’s a huge benefit of having an insulated bottle in a place like Vermont that can have some seriously raw and freezing days. We love to ski with our kids and bringing warm apple cider is a major win. We are looking forward to those days again and they are just around the corner!

Please be smart and reasonable with the temperature of the liquids you put in your bottles. Know that if it’s too hot, you can be burned. But, in the words of one of our customers, Charles, “What could be better than tea with a little maple syrup on a cold sunny ride thru the rolling back roads of Vermont? Nothing.!”

Cold family adventures call for warm apple cider (and sour patch kids).

Here's to crossing our fingers for a good dump of snow in the near future. Enjoy those cold adventures and we hope we can provide a little extra warmth for you. 


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Gerry Stephenson

Gerry Stephenson

December 11, 2023

This is great to know as I/We prepare for Colorados Old Man Winter (OMW) run/bike relay event in Feb. It will be warm Skratch Apples & Cinnamon, yes I have been holding some. Any suggestions on safe temps for the liquid? Guessing that could be totally personal.

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