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The Bivo Line Up, How to Pick!


We are happy to now offer four different bottles styles at Bivo. Each one of them was designed to help tackle a specific problem and ensure we have your hydration covered during your next adventure. However, we realize with options come choices and sometimes laying it all out makes things easier. So, we thought we’d take some time today to outline the four different bottles in our line to help make your decision easier when selecting which version!

If you still have questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at thirsty@drinkbivo.com. We are always happy to chat!

Cheers - Team Bivo


The Bivo Bottle Guide:

Bivo One Our signature product. Did you know that we took design inspiration from these salt and pepper shakers (we love them by the way!)?

Key Features:

+ 21 oz capacity

+ Gravity Flow Lid for super high flow rate. 21 oz can be poured in less than 8.5 seconds, try it!

+ Single wall, so not insulated, but it’s light!

+ 8.38" Height. Fits in tight mountain bike geometry, especially if you have a side loading cage.

Why pick the Bivo One? It packs the ounces and leaves the weight behind.  We will always have a soft spot for this bottle. It was our first to launch and we love the way it looks and feels. No more plastic taste and two 21 oz bottles on your 2 hour gravel ride is plenty of water!


Bivo Duo You asked for more water, so we delivered! The Bivo Duo was the second bottle in the line and simply has larger capacity for holding more water.

Key Features:

+ 25 oz capacity

+ Gravity Flow Lid for super high flow rate.

+ Single wall, so not insulated.

+ 9.63" height. Holds more water so it’s taller so this might not fit on small mountain bikes. But it does fit on Carina and Izzy’s small gravel frames!

Why pick the Bivo Duo? You’re a thirsty one! And you sweat a lot and you like to carry more water while riding! Or, your mtn bike only fits one bottle and you need to pack the ounces!


Bivo Trio This was our first insulated bottle and WOW, you all like this one. While the bottle itself is bigger, the temperature benefits make it many of your top pick.

Key Features:

+ 21 oz capacity

+ COLD WATER for 12+ hours!

+ Double wall vacuum insulated technology 

+ 10.23" height. This is the tallest bottle in our range, so make sure to check your frame to make sure it will fit. Gravel, road and commuter bikes should be just fine, but mountain bikes or XS frame sizes sometimes are too small.

Why pick the Bivo Trio? Because you have been dreaming of the day you could fill your water bottle with ice cold water and still have it ice cold H2O hours later on your 90+ degree summer bike adventure. We’ve heard from many of you that you had to use fewer ice cubes so there is more water available to drink!


Bivo Trio Mini We had to make you a smaller version of the popular insulated Trio! Having cold water on those hot days is key. And it's finally back in stock!

Key Features:

+ 17 oz capacity

+ COLD WATER for 12+ hours!

+ Double wall, vacuum insulated technology.

+ 8.66” height. We made this for all the mtn bikers and XS frame riders out there!

Why pick the Bivo Trio Mini? It's short and sweet. We made the Trio Mini to fit into smaller frames, interesting mtn bike geometry or simply for the post work hour ride in the summer heat. It's just enough water to get you through to that cold beer on the other end.




5 Responses

chris williams

chris williams

November 06, 2023

Wii you be making a 25 oz in the insulated bottles? I live in the desert ant that would be so helpful in the summer time! I have no place to get fresh pure water en route. That extra 4 oz would go a long ways!

Tim Donner

Tim Donner

October 11, 2023

Picked up a One and a Trio and it’s perfect for my rides! I leave the Trio for the 2nd half of the ride so I have cold water to get me home. They are definitely lighter in hand than expected! Would love to see one in Orange or Yellow again. I might have to buy a raw one too, the grip on the colorful ones is awesome, but in my stem bag it is a tight fit, I think the smooth metal would slide in better.

leigh kistler

leigh kistler

July 21, 2023

I love my BIVO one. It fits my old Mt bike cage, as well as into my dog’s backpack. However, I’d like more water and less lid weight. As you make the non- insulated , single wall design, could you also make a lightweight screw on top ? Most folks stop to drink anyway. Leigh and Hans the Dog.

Carina Hamel

Carina Hamel

June 22, 2023

So glad you are liking your Red Trio! If you lost your squeegee, let us know, we can send you a new one! Email thirsty@drinkbivo.com and we will get one in the mail for you!


james o bronson

james o bronson

June 22, 2023

I have the Bivo Trio in red just like the picture. I’ve been using it since I got it a few months ago. One thing I like about it is how you can take it apart and clean all of the parts. Don’t lose your squeegee!

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