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Bivo Collaborations

Our Good Friend, Ang!

When we first came up with the idea of Bivo, we lived in Portland, OR. One of our good friends there, Angharad (we call her Ang for short), inspired us by her endless adventures and love for all types of riding. She rides to and from work most days which requires a ride up and over Skyline Boulevard and she has collected a good group of friends along the way. 

 Ang has made a lifetime of friendships through cycling and is always up for any adventure. 

We always knew we wanted to test our bottles on a variety of riders and Ang was one of the first to put them in her cages. In fact, Ang's experience with our first prototypes encouraged us to narrow the bottle by 2mm, which is narrower than most traditional bottles. We discovered that, because metal doesn't press in like plastic, our bottles needed to be slightly narrower than the average plastic bottle on the market.

Recently, Ang took a trip to Lanzarote, Spain and she said it's "sometimes referred to as the 'Hawaii of the East'. It's popular with triathletes training for Kona World Championships as it's a similar landscape and conditions - very exposed to the elements, i.e. sun and a lot of wind. The wind was challenging at times and I had to focus on keeping both hands on the bars and low center of gravity. Plus, appropriately conserving energy for the often headwind return :) "
On Bivo, Ang wrote:
"I’ve been testing Bivo bottles from the very beginning. Bivo’s mission to reduce our environmental impact by using less plastic, while advocating for an active, healthy lifestyle, strongly resonates with me. Before using Bivo bottles, I was throwing away my plastic cycling bottles about every 6 months because of the moldy taste they develop! I’ve really enjoyed providing product feedback to the Bivo team and tested Bivo bottles on multiple bikes and in all weather conditions. It was fun to be part of the product development process and to see the vision come to life in a viable product."
Ang joined us recently for a photoshoot in Portland and we are endlessly grateful to her for her support in Bivo! We hope she had as much fun as we did shooting photos to introduce our new mint colorway! And for those of you wondering, yes, those are all Ang's kits. She clearly loves playing with color like we do! 

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