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Derailed but still determined

Derailed but still determined

Two weeks after what was supposed to be our launch of Bivo, we find ourselves back in the all too familiar mode of problem solving. Why you might ask … we had the unforeseen and slightly dramatic (yes, tears were shed) experience of finding a production issue on our first batch of bottles. As a team, we made the hard yet necessary decision to delay our launch until we could fix the issue. The last thing we wanted was our loyal first customers experiencing anything less than incredible.

Truth be told, this crushed us. It took a few emotional days and getting out on a couple rides before we could clear our minds enough to start tackling the problem. If there can be any humor in this event, it would be tied to the fact that as seasoned product developers, we know sh*t happens. Creating innovative products is something we love and in part is why the phrase “design is a constant state of improvement” is something we hold close as a team.

Seeking a better solution

While finding a production issue during launch is not something we would tag as #fuelingmorefun, it is something we know we can solve. In starting Bivo, we signed ourselves up for an adventure. We knew full and well that no one else had accomplished what we believed possible. We also knew it was likely going to be a challenge to do so. It is this understanding and, more importantly, the fact that so many of you graciously supported us that we keep finding the fuel to push on. Thank you!

Our team has been working hard to address the issue and get new bottles made as soon as possible. The good news, we believe a solution has been found and are hoping to be back in bottles cages soon!

We will be sharing stories along the way to be as transparent and honest with each and every one of you. If you find yourself pondering a question, please reach out to us at thirsty@drinkbivo.com. We love talking about product, sustainability, riding bikes, and even the unforeseen obstacles such as what we are experiencing now.

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Thank you all for your amazing support as we launch a smarter, healthier performance cycling bottle.


Quench Responsibly,

Carina Hamel & Robby Ringer (founders of Bivo)

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