Our story

There is a smile in every adventure, no matter how far the journey.

A year and a half ago, we were out skiing at Teacup on Mt. Hood when we asked each other why we continue to drink out of plastic while exercising but wouldn’t even consider doing so in other times of our day. After a deep dive into the bottle market, we realized there wasn’t a good solution. Our brand, called Bivo, was born that day.

In starting Bivo, we sought to design a stainless-steel performance cycling water bottle with a flow rate that could keep up with our hydration needs. No chugging, no air, no mold – just a clean path of water delivered with ease.

To us and we hope to you, this is more than a bottle … it is a chance to #sweatlessplastic

- Carina Hamel & Robby Ringer (founders of Bivo)