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Our story

There is a smile in every adventure, no matter how far the journey

While cross country skiing on a weekend in March 2018, we took a sip out of our drink belts (shout out to Nordic skiers!). What we tasted was plastic! We stopped and asked ourselves; why do we drink out of plastic while exercising but wouldn't even consider doing so during other times of our day? 

As endurance enthusiasts and product people, we took a deep dive into the world of performance bottles. Our research added fuel to our initial question and also led us to the realization that the cycling industry was full of plastic bottles. We knew there was an opportunity and hoped with our product backgrounds we could bring something truly different to the cycling market. Our brand; called Bivo, was born that day. 

In starting Bivo, we sought to design a stainless steel performance cycling bottle with a flow-rate that could keep up with our hydration needs. No chugging, no air, no mold – just a clean path of water delivered with ease. 

After almost a year and a half, we are so excited to be launching the Bivo One! The first stainless steel cycling bottle with a flow-rate designed for cyclists. 

To us, and we hope to you, this is more than a bottle … it is a chance to #sweatlessplastic

- Carina Hamel & Robby Ringer (founders of Bivo)

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