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Artist Series: Holly Tyler

Welcome to the Bivo Artist Series: Triathlon
The Bivo Artist Series is a collection of bottles featuring femme, trans, female and non-binary artists. In creating this collection, we are seeking to find underrepresented cyclists who have a knack for really cool design. Because we love art and cycling, we want to blend them together by using our bottles as a canvas.

The artist for this collection is Holly Tyler. I first connected with Holly 'the illustrator' through my design connections to Chicago and soon realized that her, her partner Preston and JP (a gorgeous poodle!!) are so connected to cycling and outdoor performance sports industry – it was the perfect match for Bivo. As an industry pro in the cycling world, and her dedication to running every day for the past several years (yep, YEARS!!) – we had to find a way to work together. I'm so excited to launch a limited series of triathlon-inspired bottles with her illustrations as we've been talking about this for a while now! Thanks for the amazing work Holly!!

- Mark Beard,  Bivo Brand Director

Read below for an interview on Holly's relationship with art, running and riding bikes. 


What was the first thing you recall making/drawing/creating that made you think you wanted art/design to be part of your life?

I've loved art and creating since I was a little child. I grew up in a rural area doing equestrian sports and if I wasn't on the horse, I was drawing horses or sewing saddle blankets, leg wraps, or other things to make sure my horse looked ULTRA fashionable in my opinion. Ever since, I've used creativity more as an outlet to simply enjoy life or customize things.

What is the most exciting way that cycling and art have come together in your life?

I've had the chance to collaborate with several cycling brands to design their kits. It's so special getting to see my art being worn by friends and athletes out in the wild!

The kits above were designed by Holly for Tenspeed Hero. The shoes were designed in memory of Broderick Adé Hogue who was tragically hit and killed while riding his bike. $5 from each Triathlon bottle sold will be donated to the Adé Hogue Foundation.

Tell us about your connection to cycling. Why it's a big part of your lifestyle?

My parents gifted me a bright orange beach cruiser bike to commute to class during college and I fell in love. While taking my cruiser in for service one day, I connected with the owners of a pedicab company and began working throughout college as a pedicab driver. This helped me build a decent base fitness, which then translated well to road cycling and ultimately mountain biking - my favorite! I also met my husband through cycling! We've incorporated cycling into our daily lifestyle both through commuting and using the sport as one of our favorite social outlets.

How has art surprised you?

In school art classes growing up, you learn so many different techniques for creating art. I had this belief that you couldn't be an "artist" until you'd mastered them all. As I grew up, I began to see that the designers I most admired had a very specific signature style. It was a surprise to me that the more I focused my style, the more projects I was able to land. Instead of being all things to all people, which is impossible, it's better to resonate with a small group of people who value you for you.

Illustrations by Holly Tyler, early in the Bivo launch days! 

Where are your bucket list runs or rides and why?

I feel so grateful to have had a chance to check off many of my bucket list runs and rides, such as Ironman Wisconsin, the Midsouth 50k run, and several really special runs to celebrate birthdays with friends. I'm having a baby this summer, so a lot of my running and riding has shifted a bit to accommodate all the associated life changes! I've had a running streak since October of 2015 and my due date falls on my run streak day 2799. Ultimately, I'd love to make it past 2800 days of running if possible, and get back to doing some local mountain bike races as soon as recovery allows. I'm sure my goals will shift with this new phase of life and I'm so excited to see where things go, but either way, I want to make sure running and cycling are still a big part of life as a family.

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