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Better flow by design.


Design is what allows us to think and act smarter on behalf of the world we live in.  

Gravity Flow Lid

Color: Black

Flagship gravity flow lid for a smooth, consistent and enjoyable flow.


  • Includes: lid, nozzle, valve, o-ring, and straw
  • Fits Bivo One and Bivo One Raw
  • Patent pending high-flow sport nozzle 
  • Food-grade silicone components
  • BPA free polypropylene lid

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Gravity Flow

Better flow by design. Leveraging the experience of our ex-NASA engineer, we methodically developed the Gravity Flow Lid to achieve an unmatched flow-rate without the need to squeeze. The result is a smooth, consistent and enjoyable drinking experience we know you'll love.

*Fun fact - you can empty our bottle faster than you can squeeze most traditional 21oz plastic bottles. It's really that fast!

Cleaning made easy

Our Gravity Flow Lid and its components were designed to disassemble with ease to make cleaning a breeze. In our surveys and interviews, most people replaced their bottles due to nasty mold build up. With Bivo, you will need fewer bottles to fuel you longer.

Making a difference, drop by drop

Serious fun, less waste. Our goal was to drink out of less plastic and keep our planet healthy by caring deeply about the impact of raw materials on humans and humanity. We scrutinized every decision when it came to the materialization of our bottle and have offset our impact to be completely carbon neutral. 

Bivo One stainless steel water bottles are carbon neutral and built to last.

"My new favorite bike bottle is made from food-grade stainless steel with a silicone coating on the outside. It’s got better flow than your hydration pack or your plastic water bottle, guaranteed."

-Berne Broudy (GearJunkie)

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