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Welcome, Liquid Lime & Violet

New color day is here! We have been looking at our new Liquid Lime and Violet on our shelves in our office for the past couple months very excited to share them with you! Robby and I have been testing the new colors (we always like to test production batches before we launch to make sure everything is up to our standards!) and we had a couple Trios in the Lime and Violet at events this summer in Colorado. We had to start leaving them at home or hiding them behind displays because you wanted them right then and there. Well, today is the day! Check out our new Liquid Lime and Violet in our Trio, Trio Mini and One.

When we asked our 5 year old daughter recently what her favorite color is (in general, not of our bottles), her answer was “purple, blue, red, pink, yellow, green, white and all the other colors in the rainbow.” We hear you, Svea, we hear you. Most of the time, though, she picks purple and it just so happens that one of the walls in her bedroom is the almost the exact same color as the new Violet. It’s not the first time we have taken business advice from her, and it certainly won’t be the last.

Check out some photos from our adventures in Colorado and Montana below. We had fun using these bottles! Cheers, Carina 

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