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Two months in

Two months in ...

We are two months in from our launch in December 2020. Among many things we have been having a lot of fun, learning tons and getting some great feedback on our bottles! We cannot thank all of our early supporters enough for their ongoing support in helping us bring a smarter, healthier performance cycling bottle to the world.

There is too much to share so here are a few of our favorite take aways from the past two months.


Cyclists love color ... YES!

So much so that we ran out of Nectarine and were scrounging through the last week with Lemon before we received a restock this week. We knew we wanted to be bold with color, yet, we were worried Black would outsell the other colors like crazy. While Black has been a popular color too (we sold out of black as well this week but luckily we are already back in stock!), it has been great to see the excitement around the colors and fun to see the combinations people have been ordering. #fuelmorefun


 Bivo One Colors

People are staying hydrated!

A consistent comment has been that people are drinking MORE water with their Bivo One compared to other bottles. A great quote came out of CyclingTip’s review by James Huang:

“On the bike, what I’ve found (surprisingly, I might add) is that I just end up drinking more with the Bivo than I used to. What’s that worth? Beats me, but conventional wisdom suggests it’s a good thing.”

See full CyclingTips review here


 Hydration Bivo One

Nothing beats clean taste

Customers from all over continue to tell us how much they are loving the clean taste. In focus groups prior to creating the Bivo One, plastic taste while riding was a “necessary evil.” In creating Bivo, we found a solution for clean taste and it’s not going unnoticed. One customer exclaimed:

“Finally a bottle I can fit into my bottle cage that will give me the clean taste without worrying about the taste.”


 Clean Taste Bivo One


As we head into the summer cycling season, we are excited to see what 2021 entails and look forward to many more people taking their first sips from a Bivo One. 

Thanks to everyone for their cheers and support!

Carina Hamel (Co-Founder of Bivo)

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