17 oz Insulated Bivo Trio Mini

21 oz Insulated Bivo Trio

21 oz Non-Insulated Bivo One

25 oz Non-Insulated Bivo Duo

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Get to know us a little better!

We are a small team of six people living (mostly) in Vermont. We love product, challenges, being outside, bikes, and people.

Our hometown of Richmond is nestled in the green mountains and is home to 40+ miles of mountain bike trails and hundreds of miles of dirt roads. The trails and roads keep us busy and full of adventures, but the community is what pulls us together. Vermont is a small, tightknit, and incredibly passionate community. You can always find yourself a spot to pull over on your bike, grab a snack, and chat with a fellow Vermonter about the weather (hot topic always!). The pride and loyalty to each other and the environment runs deep here and we all love to call Vermont home.


Bivo Crew

As a team we all have unique loves …

- Sam loves CX racing and is Vermonter at heart.

- Izzy is a social butterfly always up for adventures.

- Peter is an avid backcountry skier and VT transplant (he lives in Oregon).

- Mark is always up for anything and loves a good yoga session (also he is from Australia).

- Carina is tough as nails and loves Nordic skiing (aka cross country skiing).

- Robby loves alpine skiing but Carina continues to successfully get him Nordic skiing most weekends.

 Bivo Team

We share one major passion together and that is putting our hearts into Bivo and creating something unique for the world.

Together, we geek out on product, have endless conversations and debates over what the best cage is for our bottles, pitch in when Sam needs a hand in the warehouse, travel to events, and endlessly talk about all things bottles. Much like the small town we are based in, we are few in numbers and rely heavily on each other and our community to inspire us.

We would love the chance to chat or better yet meet you in person. Reach out via email, swing by our place in Richmond when you visit Vermont, or come meet us at an event. No matter what, don’t feel shy. We sell water bottles but love the personal side of this business.


Sam, Izzy, Peter, Mark, Carina, and Robby

4 Responses

Scott O'Brien

Scott O'Brien

April 05, 2024

got my bottle ! thank you
you guys should consider the Texas Hotter than Hell 100 ride in August
There vendor show is excellent and there are over 5000 riders there.
Get you great visibility in a hot environment where your bottle would be so valuable.
Water gets hot between stops. just sayin !

Marilyn Anthony

Marilyn Anthony

April 03, 2024

I love my 2 new insulated bottles…that being said, the one thing that I miss and might try and “ MacGyver” are pull handles. I have a hard time getting the bottle out of the cage without looking down. With the pull handles I know where they are without looking and can easily get the bottle. I was so excited when I saw your bottles and didn’t even realize there wasn’t the handles

Carina Hamel

Carina Hamel

May 18, 2023

Hi Pat, The entire Bivo team (and ambassadors!) really like Arundel cages. If you are riding in lots of mud, you will still see some wear and tear over time. My personal favorite is the Mandible: https://www.arundelbike.com/product/mandible/

After a super muddy or gritty ride, I’d recommend washing your cage to avoid scratching. Also, make sure to use the screws that were included in the bottle as they are low profile and some cage screws that come on the bike are super long. Hope that helps!


Pat Balk

Pat Balk

May 18, 2023

I jusT received my new black insulated bivo water bottle. I’m very anal and would like to keep it nice looking as it is now and wondering what best water bottle carrier is out there for this to fit in and still keep its appearance. Is that possible? I’m so thirsty! :)

Thank you!

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