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Duncan Covey is a 25 year old endurance cyclist and adventurer from the South West of the UK. In April 2024, he began a 40,000km, year long journey around the world by bike, leaving behind the predictable routine of the 9-5 in an attempt to explore and tell the stories of the world beyond his back yard.
Sports dietitian, cycling coach, retired professional athlete, and team sport director for USA Cycling and professional cycling teams Kristen Arnold shares some advice for hydrating on indoor trainer rides.
Angharad Porteous loves exploring on her bike. Over the past few years, she's sought out numerous bike adventures that have taken her across the world. On today's blog, she describes her recent bike trip to Costa Rica and recommends a few bike trips near the Portland, Oregon area.
Peggy Shinn has been around the cycling world a long time, long enough to have seen many bike inventions come and go. She's seen her life on the bike greatly improved thanks to inventions like integrated shift and brake levers, side-load water bottle, but she's also skeptical of new bike tech. Until Bivo.
Bivo's weekly Thirstday Blog has covered everything from why we first developed metal cycling water bottles to guest features that celebrate the cycling community. In order to include more voices, we are launching a new regular series featuring guests who will share their cycling perspectives. Stay tuned!