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Mango and Cactus Join the Party!

We often get asked how we pick our colors. We wanted Bivo to be fun (#fuelmorefun amiright!?) and our bottles can be a small way to express yourself on and off the bike. Our first bottle sample colors ranged from muted earth tones to bright yellow and teals and naturally, we went for the brighter, more expressive tones.  

We also hear from a lot of you about color! Bring back the yellow! Can you make a pink bottle? Keep the Violet forever! Thanks for all your input – it is seriously helpful and we always love hearing what colors you love. 

This Spring, we have three new colors: Mango, Flamingo and Cactus. 

Mango is named after the fruit's bright, juicy interior and we picked it because many of you have asked for orange/yellow tones. We chose Flamingo because CYCLISTS LOVE PINK. And, finally, we picked Cactus because it was about time we brought a deeper green bottle to market – we all love nature and it’s the perfect ode to playing outside.

Check out our brand new colors below and we hope you love them as much as we do!

Get the new colors

winter riding featuring the trio mini in cactusBluebird day means taking a Flamingo bottle when ridingMango Trio meets the Nordic trails

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Tim Donner

Tim Donner

February 29, 2024

Beautiful colors!!! Love that yellow/orange! I have 3 of your bottles and they will last forever, but if I ever need a 4th bottle I know exactly what I would get!

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