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When's the Best Time to Use an Insulated Water Bottle?

Hi everyone, I'm Keaton! I recently joined Bivo as the Marketing Specialist. I'm a mountain biker, rock climber, skier, and a huge fan of Bivo bottles. Reach out anytime, let's chat hydration!

When considering an insulated water bottle, people most often think about how useful it will be in the summertime. On a scorching day, ice-cold water after a long ride is a cure-all. 

Some love insulated bottles to keep liquids warm in the winter. A nordic skier I met recently at the Bill Koch League Festival swore exclusively by warm mint tea during her outings. 

The extremes are where insulated bottles truly flex their muscles.

What’s overlooked are those moments in between the two extremes. 

This past winter, my friends and I joined our local, casual ski race league, a once-a-week alpine ski race followed by a pizza dinner and a raffle. Every Thursday, from January to mid-March, we drove up to the mountain to watch the sunset and spend the night skiing.

One evening, the temps had dropped significantly since starting the race. Everything was icy as I walked through the frozen mud back to my car.

Parched and back in the car, I picked up my insulated Bivo that had been waiting inside my cup holder. The metal was ice-cold, so, when I tipped up the bottle and gulped down water, I steeled myself, expecting freezing water too.

That was not the case. My water was room temp–essentially the same temperature as it was when it came out of the tap. So unexpected. 

This was a skill of my Bivo bottle that I hadn’t considered before. Because who ever craves room temperature water? 

Still, it was impressive: the fact that this insulated bottle could stop my water from cooling down--like, at all--considering the icy temperatures the bottle was immersed in. And it was actually helpful, having water that wasn’t on the brink of freezing.

While many people choose insulated bottles to keep their water at temperatures on either end of the hot-cold spectrum, sometimes a drink that's neither hot nor cold is exactly what you need.

For now, I might still prefer colder water, even on a chilly day. But I’ll remember this moment for next winter. When I’m in the mood for a nice sip of room temp water after a long ski, I'll use my insulated Bivo.

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Carina Hamel

Carina Hamel

March 21, 2024

Welcome to the team, Keaton! Look at that mud! 🤩

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