Our Favorite Bike Cages

Let's talk about bottle cages ... our favorites! 


One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers here at Bivo is, what cages should I run? While our bottles have universal cage fit there are definitely ones we prefer to use. After lots of testing and countless fruitful discussions we have determined it truly depends on the situation, the bike, and personal preference. Don't worry, we are not going to leave you with an "it depends" answer (that would be too mean!). Instead, we asked our staff what their favorite cages are and why. We hope this helps answer some questions.

If you are still left with questions, reach out to use at thirsty@drinkbivo.com. We are always happy to chat bikes, cages, and in particular anything about bottles.


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 A couple things to note before we get right into it:


You might be wondering why your Bivo bottle comes with a set of bolts. Well, they are in fact for your cages. Most standard bike cage bolts are a little taller and could result in scratching when removing the bottle from the cage. The bolts that we give you are a lower profile design and therefore help to eliminate the chance of scratching from bolts.
Bottles are more likely to scratch if the cages are dirty! Be sure to keep them as mud free as possible to reduce scratching. If you like to ride in the rain and are concerned about scratching we suggest using the raw stainless bottles. The silicone tends to scratch more in the grimy weather/conditions. 
No cage is a bad cage. Loads of testing and conflicting staff favorites made us realize a perfect cage is a very personal affair. Take the comments below as food for thought and look at the pros & cons to help determine which cage fits you best. 

... and the staff favorites are!

Bontrager side loading cage (Izzy's small frame favorite)

King Cage stainless (Izzy's favorite)

Arundel Bando (Robby's favorite)

Arundel Mandible (Carina's favorite)

King Cage titanium (Izzy's premium favorite)


Let's talk details.

King Bike Cage


Bontrager Bike Cage


Arundel Bando Bike Cage


Arundel Mandible


Fuel More Fun - Team Bivo 


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