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New Bivo Hats!

Back when we first named Bivo, before we had even a prototype, we got very excited to get our name out in the world and one of the ways of doing that was making hats and t-shirts. We searched high and low for t-shirts and hats that were environmentally friendly, and really really struggled finding hats. Ultimately, unless we wanted to develop our own hats, we decided we should focus on finding hats that came from properly audited factories. We weren't thaaaat psyched with what we ended up with and knew we needed to work toward something better.

Fast forward two years and an amazing plastic free hat company dropped in our laps called Rustek. They are based in Portland, OR and the founder is from VT so naturally we knew they were the perfect fit. Question for you - have you ever thought of what the brim on your hat is made of? Honestly, neither had we really....but it's almost always plastic!

INTRODUCING our 5 panel Bivo hat. We think it's pretty cool and we love working with awesome companies such as Rustek.



Some cool facts about this 5 panel beauty:

It's made in Canada from ultra soft, brushed organic cotton twill and features a signature embroidered Bivo logo.

- 100% Organic Cotton Brushed Twill

- Strapback w/ Metal Size Adjuster

- 100% Plastic Free

- Made in Canada / Finished in Portland, OR


Bivo hats

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