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Meet Dusty The Dirt Cap!

Less Dirt. More Fun.


We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to the Bivo family; Dusty The Dirt Cap! 

We are big proponents of listening to our customers (you all!) to help us drive our product creation process. As it turns out, a lot of you wanted a solution to keep dirt, grime, and debris out of your nozzle. Thank you all for speaking up, giving us feedback, and being AWESOME! We hope you love the new dirt cap and your dirt free H2O.  


Got more thoughts on new products, feedback, or simply to say hi?! Reach out anytime at thirsty@drinkbivo.com. - Team Bivo



Dusty The Dirt Cap

The nitty and gritty: 

  • Keeps mud, dirt and grime out of your nozzle

  • Simple, compatible design

  • High quality food-grade silicone

  • Does not affect nozzle function

  • Can be operated with one hand

  • Works with all Bivo Gravity Flow lids


Bivo Dusty The Dirt Cap



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