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Hello from Breckenridge, CO!

Alright! We made it to Breckenridge after some fun adventures in Pittsburgh, Chicago, Sioux City, IA, Red Lodge, MT and Whitefish! We have seen lots of people along the way and it has been really fun to interact with so many of you - those of you who had never heard of us and those of you who have the OG bottles and haven't gone back since. 

Some key takeaways:

💧 The idea of having cold water in HOT temps makes you really happy. The Trio and Trio Mini are fan favorites. 

💧 You like color! We are selling so many colors at events! Red, Mint, True Blue - you are loving them. In person interaction is showing us you like to have some POP in your life 🌈

💧 It's quite dusty (see picture below) in places outside of Vermont, and the Dust Cap has quickly become a prized possession for many of you!

💧 Ragbrai is AWESOME. It's so cool to see people having fun on bikes. #fuelmorefun

💧 Kids can handle waaayyy longer in the car than we ever imagined. We did the long haul from Red Lodge to Breckenridge (9.5 hrs) and the kids did great! Thermopolis was a big hit as a break at ~3 hours in.

💧  A special callout to Gretchen Powers for the photo of us above - she's our neighbor, friend and fellow rider who we were lucky enough to see in Montana! 


Road Trip Bivo


See you out there! - Carina and Robby

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Tammy Ringer

Tammy Ringer

August 16, 2023

Loved having you visit us in Red Lodge and am excited to see what you do at the bike events. We are happy to be your support crew along the way 💦

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